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Although you are briefly united with a dog companion in the prologue of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there are no dog companions in the base version of the game. The prologue dog disappears after a brief cutscene, never to be seen again. However, if you purchase the “A Woman’s Lot” DLC, you can obtain Mutt, the only dog companion available in Bohemia.

How to Get a Dog in Kingdom Come

Here’s what you need to know about getting a dog in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Getting a Dog in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The first thing you have to do to get a dog in Kingdom Come is to buy the “A Woman’s Lot” DLC. This DLC is free for early backers of the game’s Kickstarter campaign. Otherwise, it will cost around $10 in the various online stores.

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded the DLC, you can get a dog named Mutt by talking to Theresa near Rattay Mill. After choosing the ‘dog’ option, Mutt will follow Henry (your character) and unlock his Houndmaster skill. Rattay is a relatively early game location, and unlocking the dog can make some quests and combat options relatively easy compared to the base game.

What Can a Dog Do in Kingdom Come?

While Mutt is by your side, you can interact with him or command him to perform specific game actions. Mutt uses two statistics: Sense of Smell and Obedience. The Smell stat is more lackluster of the two, but Obedience is a vital stat that rises and drops through specific interactions (or lack thereof).

Mutt is more likely to obey commands with higher Obedience. Once Mutt drops to zero Obedience, he runs away for a few minutes and becomes unavailable. After his brief escapade, Mutt will return to your side with his default Obedience (based on the Houndmaster skill).

Here’s a brief description of all interactions you can have with the dog:

  • Praise: This is a vital interaction to raise Mutt’s Obedience level and your Houndmaster skill.
  • Feed: Henry needs to have meat-based foods in his inventory to feed Mutt to raise Obedience and the Houndmaster skill (and keep him fed). Spoiled foods lower Obedience, so consider giving foods near spoiling to Mutt to prevent waste. If Feed is used after Praise in the same interaction chain, the bonuses are amplified.
  • Hunt game: Mutt will run around Henry and kill any nearby rabbits, which he deposits at Henry’s feet. This interaction needs to be unlocked with the Hunt subskill.
  • Seek: Mutt uses his Sense of Smell to forage nearby loot, usually chests or other containers, but sometimes finds corpses and carcasses. He barks until you use Heel or investigate the find.
  • Aggressive: This command allows Mutt to attack nearby enemies freely.
  • Stay: Mutt stays in place until the Heel command is used. It lowers Obedience if this command puts him far away from you for a prolonged period. However, it prevents him from rushing into enemies.
  • Heel: Returns Mutt from whatever command he was given and changing his state to “heel” (staying close to you), overwriting previous commands and interactions.
  • Free: Allows Mutt to roam around in his default state.
  • Go back to the mill: Returns Mutt to the Rattay Mill. You have to get back to Theresa to pick him up again.

With some skill levels, Mutt becomes a helpful companion in and outside combat. You can use a command (“X” on PC, “Triangle” on PS, and “Y” on Xbox) to issue a command, depending on the hovered target:

  • Sic: One of the most useful commands for one-on-one combat. Mutt will bite the enemy and keep him occupied. However, don’t use it if it brings him close to multiple opponents. It’s unlocked by the Sic subskill and considered a crime when used on neutral NPCs or civilians.
  • Heel: Used by holding down the command button to bring Mutt back. He’ll resume most commands a few moments later.
  • Hunt: The command needs to hover over an animal except for other dogs. It has a relatively long range. Mutt will chase and bite at the target until the prey dies, is “Heeled,” or the animal escapes.
  • Fetch: This can be used on visible rabbit carcasses to have Mutt deliver them to you.

It’s a Doggy World in Kingdom Come

If you want to get a dog in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you’ll have to pay for a DLC. However, it can be well worth the price. Just look at that cute face!

Will you get Mutt in Kingdom Come? Let us know in the comment section.

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