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This guide will walk you through where and how to find all the 15 Tanukis in Genshin Impact. This will also be your guide on how to get the hidden achievement “Yamada Go’s Hidden Mallet” because finding them all will unlock this achievement.

Genshin Impact Guide: Locations of All Tanuki in Inazuma

As you may have known by now, these cute little creatures love to play hide and seek with their ninjutsu (ninja techniques). When they sense that you are near, they will start dancing and teleport somewhere near. They will do this several times when you go near them and then turn themselves into an object to hide.

There are a total of 15 Tanuki that you can find in Inazuma–seven in Narukami Island, five in Kannazuka, and three in Yashiori Island.

Narukami Island

You can quickly locate all seven Tanukis in Narukami island by starting at Chinju Forest and going up towards the Kamisato Residence and then the Grand Narukami Shrine.

  1. As you start your steps up the stairs in Chinju Forest, you will pass through small shrines. Right in front of the second one is where you can find the first tanuki.

It teleports multiple times until you reach a path on the left side to where Lori is. The Tanuki has transformed into a torch right where the path begins.

Light this torch, and the Tanuki will reveal itself.

  1. From the first Tanuki, continue your ascent up to the Kamisato Residence. On the last shrine before reaching the mansion, you will find the second Tanuki hanging around it.

It will again teleport several times and then disguise itself, this time as an Electro totem. The Tanuki will show itself when lighting up the totem.

  1. The third Tanuki in this path is located on a cliff outside the Kamisato Residence. It is on a ledge way above the waterfall.

It will teleport down beside a Thunder Bough, transfer to the opposite side, and disguise itself as a Thunder Barrier on another ledge below the water.

  1. To get to the fourth Tanuki you have to go back to the entrance of the Kamisato Residence and make your way up to the Great Narukami Shrine.

Just a few climbs up, and you will get to a wooden walkway. At the end of that walkway, before going up the stone stairs, drop down to the right and head towards a tree. Under it is where you will find the Tanuki.

Follow the Tanuki until it transforms into a pile of rock and then destroy it. This will reveal the Tanuki.

  1. From the last Tanuki, go back to the stone stairs and continue your way up to the Great Narukami Shrine. Beside one of the arches you will come across an ordinary chest.

Going near it will reveal the fifth Tanuki.

  1. The sixth and seventh tanukis are inside a cave by the shore far west from the Great Narukami Shrine and southwest of Araumi.

When you enter the cave, you will immediately see both Tanukis who hide when they sense you. All you have to do is destroy all the crates and barrels to find them.


There are a total of five Tanukis that you can find in this part of Inazuma.

  1. The first Tanuki is on an island northwest of Kujou Encampment. It is roaming around the grassy area near the Pyro Hypostasis.

It will teleport from a bush to rocks and then hide among the things piled under a big rock. It will disguise itself as a pot, and breaking it will remove the Tanuki’s cover.

  1. The second one can be found in a small island near the teleport waypoint east of the Statue of Seven. Go to that teleport waypoint and glide down to a small land next to a Treasure Hoarders’ camp.

The Tanuki will teleport several times and transform into a torch standing by the wall of that land facing east to the sea.

  1. To get to the next Tanuki, you can teleport to the waypoint south of the Statue of the Seven. Walk down the hill past some trees and bushes.

You will then see Tanuki dance and hear its music. Follow it as it teleports back up to a wood ruin. It will turn into an exploding crate which you have to destroy to reveal itself.

  1. The next Tanuki can be found west of the Statue of Seven. Go to the entrance of Tatarasuna and climb to the wooden lift to get to the upper area.

Right when you get to the top, you will see the Tanuki. It will teleport up to the path and turn into a large broken vase next to wooden crates.

  1. The last Tanuki in this region is near the western entrance of Tatarasuna where you can find or have found Xavier.

It is standing on the wooden bridge nearby. Follow it until it transforms into a pile of rocks and then break it.

Yashiori Island

In Yashiori Island, there are only three Tanukis that you can find, and these three will complete the 15 hide-and-seek-loving little creatures.

  1. The first one is roaming around a grassy field north of Fort Fujitou, just outside the camp. It can be a little bit difficult to find it because the grass is tall enough to cover it.

But if you are close to it, it will start dancing, and you can let the sound be your guide in finding the Tanuki.

It will teleport a couple of times around the area and transform into three torches under a tree. Lighting them all up will have the Tanuki reveal itself.

  1. The next Tanuki is on the field north of Higi Village.

It is under a maple tree and will teleport west and then turn into a sword that surrounds a common chest. This Tanuki will no longer reveal itself, but after disguising itself as a sword, the seal around the chest will be removed.

  1. The last Tanuki is just south of Higi Village. It is under a cliff and near an abandoned camp.

Like all other Tanukis, it will dance and teleport several times and then transform into a crate to hide. Destroy this crate to find the Tanuki.

After locating all 15 tanukis, you will be notified that you have unlocked the achievement “Yamada Go’s Hidden Mallet.” Its description says, “see through the illusions of the Tanuki several times.”


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