Last City Eliksni Quarter: How to find it in Destiny 2


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Things have certainly changed in Destiny 2, haven’t they? In Season of the Splicer, there is now a faction of the Eliksni (Fallen) who are so friendly with the Guardians that they’re actually sheltering in the Last City. You can see the House of Light’s new home briefly during the early stages of the season’s first mission, but after that, you may be confused about how to reach the Last City Eliksni Quarter again. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Last City Eliksni Quarter: How to find it in Destiny 2

How to find the Last City Eliksni Quarter

You might assume this new location is under the Tower in the Director, as that spot is also in the Last City, so it might house another destination in that same area. Unfortunately, that is not correct. Bungie has instead placed a fast travel icon for the Last City Eliksni Quarter in the Director section for the Helm. You have to move your cursor down and to the left on that screen to see it better.

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The Helm is coming into focus as the hub that houses all seasonal content — so, things that pop up during Destiny 2‘s seasons, then could potentially vanish once a new expansion drops. In that context, putting the Quarter here makes sense.

By the way — if you haven’t already, you should really go check out all the hidden lore the Quarter has to offer. There are various Eliksni items you can interact with that’ll play voice recordings left by Eido, Mithrax’s daughter. They’re very interesting, as they provide a glimpse into much of what this alien race has experienced in its history.

That’s how you find the new home of the House of Light in Destiny 2. Now that there exists an allied Eliksni faction in the game, things are sure to get very interesting. Hopefully we get to do some fighting alongside Mithrax in future content.

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