How to Get Blue Essence in League of Legends


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Blue Essence is obtainable by leveling up and completing daily challenges. In other words, to get more Blue Essence, you need to play more League of Legends.

How to Get Blue Essence in League of Legends

However, if you don’t want to sacrifice real life for this magical currency, you can try other methods.

There’s never too much of Blue Essence, so we’re here to help you gather more of it. In this guide, we’ll share three additional ways of obtaining Blue Essence. Additionally, we’ll explain what Blue Essence can be used for and how much of it you’ll receive for leveling up.

Get Blue Essence From Hextech Chests

Blue Essence can be obtained from Hextech chests with a 20% chance, but the good thing is, you’ll get at least 960 capsules. You can earn these chests by reaching high Champion Mastery scores or by purchasing them from the store.

You’ll also need dedicated keys to open Hextech chests. These can be earned by completing matches. Playing with friends is a good tactic since keys drop more often in team fights.

Participate in Events

League of Legends regularly launches new major events, such as Lunar New Year and Worlds. If you look out for such events and complete the required missions, you can obtain a lot of Blue Essence as a reward.

Event Tokens that are given for purchasing an Event Pass are a great way to farm the currency, too. Assuming you get about 2,000 tokens for the Event Pass, you get about 20,000 Blue Essence, which is great even if you don’t complete any event challenges.

Watch League of Legends Online

You can get Blue Essence by watching your favorite leagues play on the official League of Legends esports channel. Keep track of upcoming events so that you don’t miss a chance to earn Blue Essence while enjoying the show.

What to Use Blue Essence On

Blue Essence is primarily used for purchasing Champions and rune pages. Apart from that, you can use it to upgrade your Champion Mastery to tier 6 or 7.

Chromas can be bought for Blue Essence when they go on sale but not for full price. Twice a year, you can also purchase Essence Emporium exclusives, such as unique skins and icons.

Finally, Blue Essence lets you edit your summoner name.

How Much Blue Essence Will I Get for Leveling Up and Completing Daily Quests?

Every time you level up, you receive Champion Capsules that can be disenchanted to obtain Blue Essence. The capsules have a set probability of giving you anywhere from 810 to 1260 Blue Essence.

The probability doesn’t depend on the level, though, so you can’t predict how much currency you’ll get.

Players are given 50 Blue Essence for the first win of the day.

Play More, Get More Rewards

As you can see, Blue Essence isn’t a rare item. By combining all the methods of obtaining Blue Essence, you can boost your Champion tiers rather quickly. Make sure to team up with friends to receive more Hextech chests and keep up with the latest news not to miss an event.

What do you mainly use the Blue Essence for? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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