The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Oman Au Shrine Guide


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Learn how to complete the Oman Au Shrine in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Oman Au Shrine Guide

Oman Au Shrine, or the Magnesis Trial, is one of the first Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This shrine is one of four shrines that Link must complete to leave the Great Plateau region.

This shrine is also Link’s introduction to Magnesis, a useful Rune ability to lift and move metal objects effortlessly despite weight. This ability will be used to complete the shrine throughout the game.

After completing Shrines, Link will receive Spirit Orbs, which can be exchanged for more Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. There are 120 Shrines all over Hyrule, which means Link can get 120 Spirit Orbs.


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The Oman Au Shrine is located northeast of the Great Plateau region. This is the Shrine closest to the Great Plateau Tower (Oman Au Shrine is northwest of the Great Plateau Tower).

The Magnesis Trial

To finish this Shrine, this is what Link needs to do:

  1. Upon entering Oman Au Shrine, interact with the terminal to obtain the Magnesis ability.
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  1. Press L to use Magnesis and aim at the metal plates on the floor. When the object turns yellow, it can be picked up by pressing A. Move a metal plate to the side to uncover a passageway.
IMG 6878
  1. Jump down and go up the stairs at the end of the passageway.
IMG 6879
  1. In front of the stairs is a pathway blocked by a wall of concrete blocks and a single metal block. Use Magnesis on the metal block, pull it, and use it to push the concrete blocks to continue on the path.
IMG 6880
  1. Kill the Guardian Scout behind the wall of blocks.
IMG 6881
  1. Walk to the other platform using the metal plate, then use Magnesis on the metal plate to move it between your current platform and the next platform to make a bridge.
IMG 6882
  1. A chest will be up the wall on the left of Link’s current platform. Use Magnesis to pull it towards Link and open it to obtain a Traveler’s Bow.
IMG 6883
  1. Use Magnesis on the giant metal doors and pull to open.
IMG 6884
  1. Go to the altar and talk to Oman Au to receive your Spirit Orb.
IMG 6885

After completing the Oman Au Shrine, proceed to the Ja Baij Shrine or the Bomb Trial to obtain the Bomb Rune ability, the Owa Daim Shrine or the Stasis Trial to obtain the Stasis Rune ability, and the Keh Namut Shrine or the Cryonis Trial to obtain, you guessed it, the Cryonis Rune ability. After all these shrines, Link can finally leave the Great Plateau region and explore the rest of Hyrule.


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