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Newest Fortnite season was filled with and excitement and competition. While many do not like the new additions and changes to the game, there is that intrigue whenever there is a new update. In any case, the Fortnite “arena” was added not that long ago. It took normal game modes, and placed them in a setting which is far more competitive.

What Is Level Requirement to Play Arena in Fortnite

In much simpler words, the so-called Arena in Fortnite is basically ranked in any other game. Each player competes in order to improve their division, and there is much better matchmaking because the players are separated in their proper skill group.

Level Requirement for Arena

There is a requirement for players in order to start playing on the arena, and that is level 30. This constitutes account level, and not the particular season’s character level.

There are a handful of reasons why this requirement has been placed on competitive play which we will discuss further.

For those that are getting this error that they cannot play arena because they have to be level 30, well, it isn’t really an error. Sometimes it can happen, when a player that is much higher level will get this message, however, fixing it is as simple as checking whether you have internet connection, and restarting the game.

It isn’t an error per se, but it can happen, rarely.

Nevertheless, many are wondering why this restriction has been placed, why cannot everyone join competitive play after just starting the game. Well, it is competitive play, which means that most people want to do good.

This encourages some to create “smurfs”. Smurfs is a term that is used for players competing in a skill level much lower than theirs, often times, deliberately.

Because of that, and because of how easy it was to start smurfing in the good old Fortnite days, this restriction was placed. It basically, robs some players’ ability to create a fresh account and immediately jump in competitive.

Sure, the restriction is also impacted by the fact that new players should enjoy the game in a much laid back setting, and not competitive gameplay.

Fortnite is a third-person battle royale available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Windows, & Classic Mac Os.

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