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Want to level up faster in Apex Legends? Want those unlocks in the shortest possible time? This tutorial will share some practical tips for leveling in this new battle royale game.

How To Level Up Faster in Apex Legends

Levels aren’t a huge part of Apex Legends gameplay but they do allow you to get Apex Packs, Crafting Materials and Legend Tokens for unlocks. Those tokens will allow you to buy weapon skins, poses, finishers and other cosmetic items within the game but won’t revolutionize your gameplay like in other games.

Apex Legends uses the standard XP system for leveling. The more you play, the longer you live, the more you kill and the more times you make champion, the more XP you get. At the end of each match you get to see a breakdown of your score.

XP is awarded in Apex Legends for:

  • Kills – 50 XP per kill
  • Kill Leader – 50 XP bonus + 50 XP for the kill
  • Killed Champion – 500 XP bonus
  • Damage Done – XP awarded equivalent to damage done divided by 4.
  • Revive Ally – 25 XP per revive
  • Respawn Ally – 25 XP per ally respawned
  • Time Survived – 180 XP per minute
  • Playing With Friends – 5% XP bonus to Time Survived when playing with friends.
  • Finish in Top 3 – 300 XP bonus
  • Match Victory – 500 XP bonus

As you can see, while kills do reward you with XP, so does simply surviving in Apex Legends. As this is battle royale, survival is key and you can level quite quickly by merely surviving until the last few teams even if you don’t get any kills. I know as this happens to me quite often!

Leveling faster in Apex Legends

It stands to reason that if you want to level quickly in Apex Legends you need to kill other players and hunt down the champion. Survival is fine and reviving is essential but that 500 XP bonus for killing the champion is the one you need. It’s also the bonus that is the hardest to get. In most games, unless you’re exceptionally lucky, the champion is the best player of the previous match and is not marked on the map. That means hunting them down and taking them out is going to be incredibly difficult!

Teamwork for the win

The best way to level at pace is to be a good team player. That means pinging loot, alerting your team to enemies, reviving where necessary and taking a downed player to a respawn point. Not only does this reward you directly with XP, it also helps you climb the ladder in a match by keeping everyone alive and earning Time Survived XP.

One distinction here though, Friends are not the same as teammates. Where the 5% XP bonus is mentioned in Apex Legends, it means friends you have added to the game, not randoms you team up with. So if you want to benefit from that extra five percent, you need to add real life or gaming friends to the game and play with them. It does not count if you’re in a pickup group of three.

You will quickly define your playstyle in Apex Legends and adapt your approach to match. I am a support player, so I tend to use Lifeline or Wraith to revive, flank and support the tank. This means I tend to get less kill XP but can get a lot of damage XP and Time Survived. As you figure out how you like to play the game you can concentrate on the XP you can maximize and go all out for that.

Lifeline can earn a ton of XP reviving and respawning in busy matches but perhaps none in quieter ones. Bangalore and Gibraltar will do best with Damage Done and perhaps kills, Pathfinder, Bloodhound and Wraith will also excel at Damage Done. Caustic and Mirage are both supporters too so will do the same. All will benefit from Time survived and any extra bonuses should you survive long enough.

There is no magic formula to leveling quickly in Apex Legends. Knowing your Legend, your playstyle and getting to know the map and quirks of the game will help but it’s down to being quick on the draw, being vigilant, knowing the effective range of weapons and not panicking in a gunfight. Those things, along with solid teamplay will have you leveling in no time.

Of course, if you happen to have the reactions of a cheetah and eyes in the back of your head, they will help too!

Do you have any practical tips for leveling faster in Apex Legends? Got any neat tricks for getting kills or damage dealt? Tell us about them below if you do!

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