Lost Ark: Best Classes For PvP


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Lost Ark’s PvP mode promises fun and competitive online battles.

Lost Ark: Best Classes For PvP

Generally, the MMORPG genre features a mostly PvE or Player Versus Environment/Enemy gameplay where players work together to defeat a more powerful monster/boss.

As the most popular MMORPG game ever on Steam, Lost Ark’s PvP mode is bound to see many players going against each other to see who is the best among the best.

With this in mind, here is a ranking of the 15 playable sub-classes in Lost Ark to give you a better idea of which of the classes are better than others in Lost Ark’s PvP.

What is PvP in Lost Ark?

In MMORPG games, PvP stands for Player Versus Player – a game type/mode that pits real players against other real players.

While most of Lost Ark’s initial content is strictly PvE, once you’ve reached Level 50 in-game, Lost Ark’s Endgame unlocks other features and game modes such as PvP – where real players can fight against other real players in an online environment.

PvP contrasts PvE greatly in gameplay in Lost Ark. PvE environments are generally predictable since you are only really fighting against one big AI boss character. Meanwhile, PvP environments are much more varied since you are playing against real people with thoughts, making for a potentially more challenging and non-repetitive gameplay pattern.

Lost Ark PvP Tier List

S-tier – Must Have Classes for Every Party


The Bard is probably the most valuable class in Lost Ark right now. Support-type classes are scarce in Lost Ark (the Bard and Paladin class are the only real support classes in the game), and the buffs, heals, and shields that the Bard class provides to her party are indispensable in both PvP and PvE game modes.

As one of the most sought-after classes in many parties, the Bard class lands an accessible spot in the PvP S-tier.


There are only two “support” classes in Lost Ark – the Paladin class is one of them.

When comparing both the Bard and Paladin classes, the Paladin class will lose out to the Bard in overall team healing and buff capability. However, the Paladin class makes up for its relative lack of support with a more decent DPS and tanking capability than the Bard.

Both support classes are becoming a necessary pickup in both PvE and PvP. With only two types of support classes, the Paladin is yet another S-tier pick essential for any party in PvP.


The Gunlancer class is a Warrior sub-class that is one of the tankiest classes in Lost Ark, with some of the highest HP and Defense stats in-game.

Gunlancers are equipped with skills that help them absorb much incoming damage from enemies. This makes the Gunlancer class an ideal tank class that can draw incoming damage away from his party.

Gunlancers are fantastic in PvP because of the shields they can share with their party. Oh, and Gunlancers have decent DPS when needed as well.


Only a few classes can dish out some of the most absurd amounts of damage in PvP while looking cool – Deathblade is one of them.

Deathblade’s gameplay is some of the most hectic yet fun in Lost Ark – featuring aerial combos that are reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series.

Deathblade possesses high mobility and high DPS, making it a powerful PvP class that can hold its own against every other class in Lost Ark.


While many might dismiss the Gunslinger as just the female counterpart of the Deadeye class, a few key differences in their kit make the former just a bit better in PvP than the latter.

In the right hands, the Gunslinger class is capable of stun-locking enemies in PvP – it is also one of the only classes capable of bringing down an enemy’s HP from full to zero in a matter of seconds.



Sorceress can deal a ton of sustained magic damage towards hoards of enemies in PvE. However, the Sorceress class’ lack of mobility and low HP pool makes her an easy target in PvP arenas.

As long as you are mindful of your positioning, the Sorceress class can be a potent DPS class that can deal boatloads of continuous AoE damage from long-range.


The Soulfist is a hybrid class proficient in fighting at multiple ranges. Soulfist can also give defensive buffs to her teammates, making her a hybrid class that can do various things for her party.

The Fighter sub-class combines excellent mobility, great defense, and tremendous damage in a very fun-but-difficult-to-master package.


You can look at Deadeye and Gunslinger as virtually the same class in Lost Ark. The most apparent difference between the two Gunner sub-classes will be their gender.

There are subtle but crucial differences in how the Deadeye and Gunslinger classes fight in PvP. The Deadeye class does its best work in relatively closer ranges when compared to its female counterpart, which is ironic given since the Deadeye class is supposedly a “ranged” class. On paper, this leaves the Deadeye class more open to enemy punishment and interrupts.

However, when given the right opportunity, the Deadeye class is one of the few classes in Lost Ark that can 100-0 enemies in PvP with ease.


The Shadowhunter is the other Assassin sub-class that excels in close and long-range engagements.

However, unlike the hectic and high-speed melee gameplay of the other Assassin class, Deathblade, the Shadowhunter class is more focused on dealing a boatload of burst damage with the help of its Demon Form.

Unfortunately, outside of Demon form, the Shadowhunter class is yet another melee class that has to commit at melee ranged to be effective – making her an easy target for the enemy team’s interrupts skills and charge skills.



The Berserker is one of the most picked classes in Lost Ark – the Warrior class makes up a staggering 52% player distribution on Steam. Most new players gravitate towards this Warrior sub-class due to its high DPS output and decent survivability.

However, unlike its other Warrior sub-class brothers, the Berserker only manages to land in the B-tier because of how timing-dependent his entire kit is. Some of his abilities require a long wind-up time, making it easy for enemies to interrupt his channeling skill.

While he is pretty easy to pick up, mastering this Warrior sub-class will take time and a ton of experience to become highly effective in PvP.


The Striker and Wardancer classes are similar sub-classes under the Martial Artist class. Both feature flashy skills with decent damage that can be strung into cool-looking combos.

However, enemies will not be standing around in PvP arenas, which will force these melee classes to close the distance and commit to their combos to deal significant damage to enemies – a death wish in PvP.


The Scrapper might be the most mobile Martial Artist class, thanks to a slew of mobility skills that allow the Scrapper class to close the distance between herself and her enemies. Once she gets into striking distance, the Scrapper class can unload a barrage of skills that deal with burst damage.

Unfortunately, like the Striker/Wardance class before it, the Scrapper class has to buckle down and commit to an enemy to deal significant damage – this makes her an easy target for her enemies.


While the Artillerist class can deal a ton of burst damage from long range, this Gunner sub-class is probably the least mobile class in Lost Ark.

Despite being one of the tankier classes in the game, the Artillerist might be a walking punching bag to more mobile and agile classes such as the Gunslinger and Deathblade classes.

The Artillerist’s Identity Skill turns the Gunner sub-class into an immobile turret that can deal a ton of damage from long-range. Unfortunately, this turns the Artillerist into a non-moving target that welcomes a ton of punishment and burst damage from all kinds of enemies in PvP.


The Sharpshooter class is a very agile ranged class that excels in long-ranged combat. Sharpshooters can keep a healthy distance between themselves and their enemies, thanks to a host of mobility skills that allow Sharpshooters to dodge and reposition around the arena with ease.

While Sharpshooters deal decent damage from their skillset, Snipe, their most damaging skill, requires a long charge-up that inflicts much damage on impact. The problem with Snipe is it is not a question of when it hits but if it lands at all.

In addition, most of Sharpshooter’s skillset is composed of aim-dependent abilities that require precise aim and good ping to pull off perfectly.

Overall, the Sharpshooter class might seem like a good and safe pick in PvP. However, the effort and skill required to play this class to its full potential might not be worth it when you consider the more value-filled and easier to use classes in the S and A-tiers.

Kings of PvP

Lost Ark’s PvP can be a very frustrating experience for players who use less-ideal classes. This is why PvE and PvP tier lists look somewhat different in composition for Lost Ark. While all the classes are surprisingly balanced against one another in Lost Ark, some classes will be more suited for PvP than others.

Hopefully, this Lost Ark PvP tier list has given you valuable insight into where each class stands in terms of value and ease of use.

So, there you have it! Visit the PlayerAssist website for more gaming guides, gaming news, and game codes!

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