Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Iso-8 Crystal Guide



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This post goes over the crystals and how you can use it to customize and improve your hero stats or gain specific bonuses. You get Iso-8 crystals from battles and the drop is random.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Iso-8 Crystal Guide


Currently, there are 4 crystals you can get, ranging from silver to shards. As your commander level increases up to a maximum of 30, the crystals you get will be better quality.

  • Sliver : +68 to Primary Stat
  • Chip : +125 to Primary Stat
  • Fragment : +208 to Primary Stat
  • Shard : +331 to Primary Stat

Color Type

Each crystal color will give you a bonus stat. There is also a multi color(prismatic) crystals that will give you all stat boosts. These are great if you can’t find a specific one that fits your hero.

  • Prismatic – All stats boost
  • Red – Attack
  • Blue – Defense
  • Purple – Evasion
  • Green – Health
  • Yellow – Accuracy
  • Silver – Speed

Maa2 Crystals

Each hero will have different color slots. For example, Spiderman has mostly purple crystals slots. Other characters like She-Hulk has a mix of blue and green slots. It is best to use purple(evasion) crystals for purple slots for a better primary stat boost. However, I prefer to have more even stats, so I used more prismatic crystals. Keep in mind that prismatic crystals will give you a bonus on whatever color the slot is. It just doesn’t give you as much bonus as the primary stat color.

For example, a red shard will give 331 attack. If you equip it in the red slot, it will give you 496 attack, which is a 50% bonus. This applies to the secondary stats as well.

Crystal Star Grade

  • 1 star – Only increases primary stat.
  • 2 star – Primary + 1 random stat at a lesser value
  • 3 star – Primary + 2 random stats at a lesser value
  • 4 star – Primary + 3 random stats at a lesser value
  • 5 star – Primary + 4 random stats at a lesser value

Since the secondary stat is random, it is all down to luck to get the desired secondary stat that compliment your hero.

Iso-8 Sets

Now you can get bonus abilities if you equip certain types of crystals. They are distinguished by symbols. Some sets like Veiled are only attainable from PvP rewards.

Below are the ones available:

[easytable]Name, Req, Effect,

Alert, 2 , Your attacks can attack Stealthy characters

Barricading, 2, Gain Shield at 50% Health

Belligerent, 4, Increases Free Attack damage by 50%

Benevolent, 6, Resist death once per battle

Coordinated, 6, 50% chance to counter-attack when an ally is attacked

Evasive, 4, Gain a temporary offensive boost when an incoming attack misses or grazes

Experimental, 2, 20% increased chance to apply Buffs and Debuffs

Galactic, 4, Your attacks penetrate and destroy Shields

Impenetrable, 2, Take 50% damage from attacks while above 90%

Indomitable, 2, 20% chance to resist Debuffs

Mighty, 4, Attacks are uncounterable

Reinforcing, 2, Take 25% less damage from Free attacks

Rejuvenating, 2, Restores Health over Time

Unstoppable, 2, Your attacks bypass Protecting targeting restrictions

Veiled, 2, Start each wave Stealthy [/easytable]

Which Set Should I Use?

Most of the sets are quite useful, but I personally use it this way for each class:

For Infiltrators – Veiled, Unstoppable, Galactic, Alert, Barricading

Barricading is great on them because most can’t take a hit. Veiled works well if you are fighting tougher enemies and need to make sure your they survive the first round. Veiled also works wonders on Black Widow as it gives bonus damage and stats while stealthed.

For Bruisers – Barricading, Indomitable, Experimental, Alert, Rejuvenating

Using Barricading will provide them with more tankiness. Add a healer in the mix and you have an unkillable tank that can protect the squishy Blasters and Inflitrators.

For Scrapper – Galactic, Barricading, Coordinated, Alert, Unstoppable

Scrappers are great on offense, so you want them to be able to attack stealth/protected targets. Some skills do already have some of these options built in, so use them on characters that don’t have any of these abilities.

For Tactician – Barricading, Galactic, Experimental

Galactic is great on tacticians and also for PvP. Some heros like Wasp already have a skill that breaks shields, but most don’t have this.

For Blasters – Mighty, Barricading, Unstoppable, Veiled

Veiled and Barricading will help with a Blaster’s survival, so I normally use them unless I can get good crystals that boost their evasion for a higher chance to survive burst damage.

For PvP – Barricading, Indomitable

From experience, most people like to use Barricading and Indomitable. Make sure to bring a hero that can break shields like Wasp or equip the Galactic set to break shields.

Hope this was able to help you out.

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