Madden on Nintendo Switch: Where is it?


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I’m a football fan — more specifically, a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I love the sport. I miss it during the offseason. I often wish I could take the game of football everywhere I go. I want a portable video game version of it to play that isn’t a gimped arcadey iOS or Android release. I want Madden on Nintendo Switch. I want it made by EA and I want it to be a fully licensed NFL experience.

Madden on Nintendo Switch: Where is it?

How on earth don’t we have this yet?

EA’s done quite an about-face with the Switch. It started out offering zero support. Over time, it’s come around. A number of EA games can now be found on Nintendo’s hybrid machine — including FIFA.

But Madden? It’s nowhere to be found.

It seems like such an obvious win; like a game that would sell millions of copies. EA certainly thought Burnout Remastered would find an audience on the Switch. Is Madden — the company’s hugely popular NFL franchise — not a big enough deal? Does EA think it would sell worse than Burnout?

The absence of this franchise on such a fast-selling console is bewildering.

Perhaps EA doesn’t want to spend the money to pump out a Nintendo Switch port every year. Not that it puts that type of effort into FIFA. Soccer fans on Switch have essentially been playing the same game for three years running. The company titles it “Legacy Edition” and sells it as a $40 roster update. Somehow, it’s not even willing to go that far for Madden.

I honestly can’t believe someone on EA’s board hasn’t questioned the company’s leadership on this topic. “Excuse me, Mr. CEO. You have a lock on NFL simulation football and a widely recognized brand. Is there a reason we don’t have Madden on Nintendo Switch? Do you hate money all of the sudden?”

Every year I hold out hope that this will be the year the Switch finally gets Madden. Every year I am deeply disappointed. I don’t even want to imagine it as possible in the year 2022. But EA can’t be this stupid for five years running, right?

Here’s to hoping we get a version of Madden on Nintendo Switch. I’ll pay the $40 for a reskin of the Madden 17 engine. Fine. But just give it to me already.

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