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Rumored as the knight in red and known to many as one of the strongest knights of the Knights of Favonius due to the danger she presents, Klee had caused trouble in and out of the City, like when she blasted carts and caused a forest fire.

Genshin Impact: Klee Guide

Combining hyper-activeness with a passion for explosives, Klee has helped Amber improve her Baron Bunny and develop new bombs.

Spending Intertwined fates, Primogems, and even real money to get Klee is never a waste for most players. If you are wondering how to build Klee, this is the right guide for you.


Klee’s normal attack is called “Kaboom!” and, of course, throws bombs to blast off her opponents. Her charged attack will summon a special explosive laser that deals greater damage.

Jumpy Dumpty, Klee’s elemental skill, will make her throw a special bomb of the same name that will bounce three times and ignite with every bounce. Jumpy Dumpty will then split into many mines, which will explode upon contact with enemies.

Klee’s Blazing Delight! is this little knight’s elemental burst talent. She will summon a Spark ‘n’ Splash that will continuously attack nearby opponents with this talent.

Pounding Surpriseone of Klee’s passive talents will give her a 50% chance to obtain an Explosive Spark if a normal attack hits an opponent.

A charged attack will not cost stamina when such is present, and the attack will have increased damage by 50%.

To maximize this passive talent, always lookout for a little red clover that will suddenly appear. This is the Explosive Spark and immediately consumes it by doing a charged attack.


What is the best weapon for Klee, you ask? Well, we have listed the available catalysts that are perfect for Klee.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

This 5-star weapon has a secondary stat bonus of critical rate and increases the wielder’s movement speed.

It also gives an elemental DMG bonus for every 4 seconds that the wielder is on the field. This can stack up to 4 times but will reset when the character leaves the field. This means Klee needs to be on the field for a longer time. This weapon is perfect when playing in co-op mode.

Skyward Atlas

This catalyst increases the elemental damage of the wielder by 12%. All Klee’s attacks are Pyro; therefore, all hits she makes will be boosted by this bonus.

These two 5-star catalysts are both great weapons for Klee. It’s just a matter of stat point that you need.

If you need more Critical Rate to reach the ideal 50-90%, then Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds will be the best choice for your Klee. If you are good with your critical stats, then go with the Skyward Atlas.

Playstyle wise Skyward Atlas is much less tricky to maximize, while the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds will not be maximized as much when the playstyle involves a lot of character switching when in battle.

Memory of Dust

Since this weapon is a 5-star and has a secondary stat of ATK%, it can increase Klee’s ATK stat more than any other 4-star weapon.

This catalyst gives an ATK increase for every hit that Klee makes and can stack up to 5 times. However, all other passive effects focus on shields; therefore, this weapon can only be maximized with a shielder in the team.

Dodoco Tales

As an exclusive event weapon, the Dodoco Tales is a special catalyst that was a reward during the Golden Apple Archipelago event. It is a 4-star weapon that most people consider Klee’s best-in-slot (BIS) weapon based on its looks.

This weapon will increase the charged attack damage for 6 seconds after a normal attack hits an opponent. It will also temporarily increase the ATK of the wielder after a charged attack hits an opponent.

The Widsith

This weapon is what many Genshin Impact players consider as the strongest 4-star catalyst for a damage dealer. It has a Critical DMG bonus as a secondary stat and a passive effect that will randomly boost the weapon user’s ATK, Elemental DMG, or Elemental Mastery for 10 seconds.

However, this effect will be triggered when the wielder takes the field—meaning you have to switch characters for any of the buffs to activate. Therefore, this passive effect will be useless in a coop game setup.

Solar Pearl

Critical rate bonus as a secondary stat is beneficial since that stat is one of the hardest to build. This weapon will also temporarily increase the user’s elemental skill and elemental burst damage when a normal attack hits an opponent. Normal attacks will also be temporarily increased when an elemental skill or burst hits opponents.

Those who are willing to spend real money can get this item for your Klee. But the Battle Pass level should also be increased to 30 to have access to this weapon.

Eye of Perception

This catalyst has a stat of ATK and ATK%, making it a safe weapon for Klee.

Royal Grimoire

Like the Eye of perception, this catalyst is also a safe one to equip Klee.

If you do not have a decent catalyst but have at least 24 Masterless Starglitters, you can purchase this from the Paimon’s Bargains shop.

You might already have some of these weapons, and this section should help you decide which one you will be enhancing for Klee to use.


“What are the best artifacts for Klee?”—is probably your next question. With her kit that focuses on dealing damage to opponents, artifacts with stats and effects that will boost her overall damage output should be the ones to be considered.

Crimson Witch of Flames

The 4-Piece set effect of this artifact will boost the Pyro-related elemental reaction damage that the user will trigger.

This is a perfect set for an elemental reaction team composition such as a Melt team where at least one team character will apply Cryo, and Klee will trigger the reaction.

The 2-Piece will already give a Pyro damage bonus and can be combined with other 2-Piece sets that give ATK or other damage bonuses.


Since Klee’s attacks are all elemental, she will always apply Pyro to the opponents.

This makes a 4-Piece Lavawalker set a really good artifact for her because the set increases the damage against opponents by Pyro by 35%.

Wanderer’s Troupe

A 4-Piece Wanderer’s Troupe is a good set for Klee because it offers an increase in Elemental Mastery of 80 and a 35% increased damage of charged attack if the user of the artifact wields a catalyst.

Because of Klee passive that enhances her charged attack, you will be a lot of it, and with this artifact set, the said attack will be boosted even more.

2-Piece Artifact Set Combinations

The following are 2-part sets of artifacts that can work well with another 2-part set.

Artifact sets like Gladiator’s Finale and Shimenawa’s Reminiscence will give an ATK bonus for a 2-Piece set. Either artifact can be paired with another 2-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames.

A 2-Piece Noblesse Oblige set is also a good pair for a 2-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames, especially if your play style is spamming Klee’s elemental burst.

2-parts Noblesse Oblige can also be paired with two parts of either Gladiator’s Finale or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.

Goblet with a Pyro DMG bonus stat is ideal because all of Klee’s talents are elemental.

A circlet with either Critical Rate or Critical Damage bonus should also be considered to trigger critical hits most of the time and maximize Klee’s damage output.

Role and Play Style

Klee’s role is only to deal damage based on her kit—and even lore-wise. Her elemental burst will disappear when you switch to another character. Therefore, she must be on the field most of the time.

Team composition should include support characters that provide damage off-field or those that can heal, buff, or provide shields so Klee can continue throwing explosives without worrying about her HP.

The only time Klee’s attack becomes useless is when you are facing Pyro slimes and enemies with Pyro shields. But aside from that, Klee is one of the characters that can deal the greatest damage.

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