Magic Rush: Heroes Skill Guide



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Magic Rush: Heroes Skill Guide

Magic Rush: Heroes Skill Guide

Thanks to the Reddit community, they have compiled a wonderful skill list for Magic Rush: Heroes. You should check out the document here for all kinds of info. You can also check out the tier list here.

 Symbol Legend
Team Buff
Team Debuff
HP Health
AD Attack Damage
AP Attack Power
AR Armor
MR Magic Resist
CC Crowd Control
AS Attack Speed
LS Life Steal
KU Knock Up
KB Knock Back
IMP Imprison
INV Invinsible
INT Interrupt
PD Single Physical Dmg
MD Single Magical Dmg
DOTs Damage Over Time
DPS Damage Per Second
EK Energy Per Kill
– Energy Reduce Energy
$ Silence Immune
S1 Self + 1 Ally
AOE Area of Effect
ER Energy Regen
CS Crit Strike
x Crit Strike Multiplier
c Crit Strike Chance
HPR Health Regen
RES Resurrection
SUM Summon
AC Attack Chance
(#) No of Affected / Summon
PEN Penetration
MGNT Magnet / Clumps Heroes
MS Movement Speed
PA Physical Attack
HoverboardsAvailable on Amazon?ModelBluetooth?
Swagtron T1 BlueYesT1No
Swagtron T1 BlackYesT1No
Swagtron T1 GoldYesT1No
Swagtron T1 PinkYesT1No
Swagtron T1 WhiteYesT1No
Swagtron T1 RedYesT1No
Swagtron T1 BlackYesT3Yes
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