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Ever wonder how other players transport large shipments of items in Minecraft? This guide will show you how to make a llama caravan to transport those goods from one place to another in no time.

How To Make A Llama Caravan in Minecraft

Llamas are neutral mobs that wander around in savanna and mountain biomes. And although they are most commonly found tagging along behind the Wandering Trader, they are much more than just a tall and fluffy companion. The llama’s sole purpose is to be used as part of a caravan for players to move freely while carrying and transporting multiple items that do not usually fit inside the player’s inventory. Players can make a colorful llama caravan using various-colored carpets or equip them with a matching outfit. Each llama has its own inventory space for keeping goods and a carpet slot for decoration in a caravan. Whatever the case may be, the llama caravan is sure to be a unique and enjoyable way to transport your items in Minecraft.

Where To Find Llamas

Llamas can only spawn in savanna plateau and mountain biomes. Furthermore, llamas only spawn on top of grass blocks when the light level is seven or higher, meaning they will only spawn during the day. They are usually in a herd of four to six llamas when they spawn. So it is easier to make a llama caravan since they already spawn as a herd.

Why Are Llamas Considered As Neutral Mobs

As a player in survival mode, you must first understand how llamas behave before using llamas for transport. As they are neutral mobs, llamas generally do not attack the player at first sight. They remain passive to the player so long as they are not provoked by an attack directly coming from the player. When provoked, they attack by spitting, which deals one damage per spit. Similarly, when a player provokes one llama in a herd, all the llamas in the herd will spit at the player.

How To Tame A Llama

Llamas cannot be tamed by simply feeding them their favorite snack, unlike cats, wolves, and other mobs. Instead, they are tamed by repeatedly being ridden by the player. To tame a llama, the player must press the right-click mouse button while holding nothing to mount it. Once mounted, the llama will act agitated and buck the player off its back. The player must mount it again and repeat this process until hearts will appear on the back of its neck. The hearts will indicate when the taming is successful. When the llama gets successfully tamed, the player can decorate the llama and use it for breeding.

How To Use Llamas As Storage

The llama has to be tamed first to equip the llama with a chest. Once the llama is tamed, the player can use the llama to transport items, just like donkeys and mules. To equip the llama with a chest, hold the chest by pressing the correct Hotbar key and right-clicking on the llama. This will automatically place the chest on the back of the llama. To open the chest, press shift+right click while facing the llama. The chest cannot be retrieved once placed on the llama, and the only way to remove it is by killing the llama.

How To Make A Llama Caravan

The llama’s primary purpose is to transport large shipments of items. Unlike horses, donkeys, and mules, llamas can still be ridden by the player, but their movement cannot be controlled. Thus, leading them will be the best option to follow the player.

  1. Tame the first llama by repeatedly riding on it until red hearts appear on its head.
  2. Once tamed, equip the first llama with a chest by holding the chest and pressing right-click on the llama.
  3. Hold the lead in your hand and press right-click on the first llama to attach the lead to it.
  4. Once the lead is attached, walk over to where the second llama is nearby to signal it to follow behind the first llama automatically.
  5. Tame and attach another chest to the second llama.
  6. Find another llama and repeat the process to form a llama caravan.

One llama caravan can hold up to 10 llamas, whether tame or untamed. One caravan is signaled when one lead is attached to one llama. When two leads are attached to two different llamas, two caravans are formed. This will form an infinite number of caravans so long as leads are attached to multiple llamas at once.

Decorating The Llama Caravan

Once the llama caravan is formed, the player can decorate the attire of the llamas by riding on them and pressing the E button on the keyboard. This will open the llama’s inventory menu, and the player can equip the llama with a carpet by clicking and dragging the carpet into the carpet slot inside the menu. Each carpet color has a unique pattern exclusive to the carpet’s color.

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