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Lethal Company is a pretty bare game, but it allows many modifications. Here’s how to get started.

How to Make Mods for Lethal Company

2020 was the height of the popularity of Among Us, and though that game’s peak has come and gone, another has replaced it, a sci-fi horror game that is fun to play with your friends—Lethal Company.

Developed by a singular coder by the username Zeekerss, Lethal Company puts you in the shoes of a space scavenger. With your team of four, you are jettisoned off to random planets to hunt for scrap to bring back to the Company, but the catch is that each of these planets always comes with some kind of monster—one that you and your teammates will have to fend off as you try to meet your quota.

 The game offers a variety of monsters, each with their special gimmicks. Some monsters like the Loot Bugs are harmless on their own but will be able to summon hordes of their kind to overpower you; some are straight-up inspired by other sci-fi monsters like the Coilhead, which stands still if you’re looking at it but will move lightning fast when they’re out of sight—exactly like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

Lethal Company may not have the flashiest look compared to other modern games, but it has a great game loop, and players from all over are having fun recording themselves playing with friends and running from monsters. Though many gamers consider the game pretty bare bones, it has been commended for its ability to be modified to cater to whatever the players can imagine.

A screenshot of two players in the shower in Lethal Company.

What are Mods

Mods (short for ‘modifications’) are bits of programming that players can install in games that can modify them in whichever way, from visuals to actual gameplay. Games like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been infamously modded online to include various characters and items. Sometimes, mods can even be used to fix problems with a game that even the developers haven’t been able to address.

Regarding Lethal Company, the number of mods being made for the game has steadily increased. Not only have players found ways to change cosmetics with the playable workers, but they’ve also found ways to enhance the game’s monsters and even add more players to their game.  

Modding Lethal Company

Though installing mods in Lethal Company could seem very easy, it’s not just a basic task for any casual gamer. It will have to include the installation of certain programs and the following of some very specific instructions.

First, players must have BepInEx installed and LC API for modding. The links are available on the names themselves.

When you’ve downloaded those files and have unpacked them, you have to perform these next steps:

Open the folder where Lethal Company is installed (you can also access this folder via the launcher library).

– Copy the contents of BepInEx directly into the game folder. This will include a “BepInEx” folder and three other files. Move all the necessary files to the game’s main folder.

– Copy all the contents from LC API to the main game directory. It should place the LC_API.dll file into the right folder automatically.

From this point, you can start installing all kinds of mods that you find for Lethal Company. You can find many of them on Thunderstore, and each mod will already have instructions on properly installing them in your game.

A screenshot of an employee using the computer in Lethal Company.

How to Make Mods for Lethal Company

As for writing your original mods in Lethal Company, it’s said that you need to have a good handle on C Programming Language to write mods for the game.

MrMiinxx on YouTube has a very extensive tutorial on how to get started modding Lethal Company. Still, you can’t expect to start if you don’t understand C Programming Language yet. Watch this:

Even if you don’t understand C, the video says that no experience is needed when learning to mod for the game, which should be convenient for anyone looking to start. The video will walk you through creating a mod project, adding references, finding out how to fix patches, and making a functioning infinite sprint.

For anyone looking to start making mods for Lethal Company specifically, there is also a wiki written to answer all the FAQs when starting out modding Lethal Company. Not only do they provide the starting steps when it comes to modding the game, but they have also released a template for projects, saving you the time to write a mod from scratch.

There are even several links to all the helpful programs and assets you will need to effectively take the world of Lethal Company and make it your own.

Gameplay from Lethal Company

Spiritual Sequel

Though Lethal Company may not be the flashiest game to come out today, it does promote a lot of innovation among its community, and several more people have been jumping into the world of modding thanks to the game.

It may not have a story or fancy graphics. Still, the gameplay loop and procedurally-generated monsters have given Lethal Company a specific flair that may not be as big as Among Us but feels like the game’s spiritual sequel.

With the buzz that the game has been able to generate online, it’s possible fans could be looking at a more polished sequel in a few years. Still, in the meantime, the game continues to improve via the players—an impressive feat for a game only developed by one person.

A screenshot of the built-in mod menu in Ready or Not.

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