How To Make A Nether Wart Farm in Minecraft



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With this Minecraft guide, learn how to create a viable nether wart farm in the overworld for all your potion brewing needs.

How To Make A Nether Wart Farm in Minecraft

Nether wart is a rare resource in Minecraft that can only be obtained within specific places inside the Nether. But what is the use of nether warts? Nether wart is a fungus that is vital in the creation of potions. And while its primary purpose is to become the base ingredient in potion creation, players may also use them in other ways. Obtaining them alone can be tricky enough. It is even harder because nether warts are scarce and can only be collected in limited quantities inside the nether fortresses and bastion remnants. There is no way to harvest extra nether warts other than to create your nether wart farm. This guide will show you what items you will need and how to make your own nether wart farm in the overworld to fulfill your potion brewing needs and create powerful potions.

Required Materials

Nether Wart: Nether wart is a fungus found in Bastion Remnants and Nether Fortresses that is needed to brew potions.

Soul Sand: Soul sand is found exclusively in the Nether. Although walking on soul sand slows down a player’s movement speed, it is the only block that grows nether warts.

How To Get Nether Warts

There are two specific places inside the Nether to obtain nether warts: in the Nether Fortresses and Bastion Remnants.

Nether Fortress

Inside the Nether Fortress, there is a soul sand garden that grows nether warts. The soul sand garden is usually located near the stairwell inside the fortress.

Bastion Remnant

Inside piglin housing unit-type Bastion Remnants, nether warts can be seen growing in the central courtyard.

How To Get Soul Sand

Soul sand is abundant in the Nether. Within the nether wastes biome, you can find soul sand below Y layer 34. But soul sand can mostly be collected in the soul sand valley. The soul sand valley is a biome inside the Nether where soul sand blocks are part of the terrain and cover the entire biome along with soul soil blocks. To collect soul sand fast, you can use a shovel. Any tool can mine soul sand, but a shovel is more efficient.

How To Make A Nether Wart Farm

  1. Create an outer frame for the farm. Your nether wart farm area can be of any size and shape depending on your preference. It should at least be big enough to harvest enough nether warts without having to wait a long time to grow. You can use any block for the outer frame of the farm.
  2. Place the soul sand blocks inside the frame and fill in the entire farm area. The soul sand will be the base to grow nether warts in the overworld.
  3. Place the nether warts on top of the soul sand. This will automatically plant the nether wart in the soul sand block.
  4. Wait for the nether warts to grow before harvesting them. You can simply use your hand to harvest the nether warts. Be sure to replant any extra harvested nether warts to continue the production of the nether wart farm.

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