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In Minecraft, surviving the game is the ultimate goal of every player in survival mode. There are various hazards that players must face in order to conquer the game. This includes tough mobs such as endermen, pillagers, and ravagers. Surviving in Minecraft is hard especially when you’re not equipped with good weapons and armor—not to mention, you will need enchantments as well. This is where potions come in. Potions, like enchantments, are vital in a player’s survival. And for certain situations, a Potion of Invisibility will definitely come in handy.

How To Make A Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft

Becoming invisible will allow you to avoid hostile mobs altogether. The Potion of Invisibility will take effect from the moment you consume it until such time its effects wear off. This means that for a certain amount of time, you can freely pass through hostile mobs without provoking them into attacking you. This is essential, especially when in combat with strong mobs or boss mobs. So if you’re interested in learning how to brew a Potion of Invisibility, then read on to find out.

Materials Required

Fermented Spider Eye

The fermented spider eye is a brewing ingredient used to brew most potions. It can only be obtained by crafting a brown mushroom, sugar, and spider eye together using a crafting table.

Potion of Night Vision

The Potion of Night Vision is a potion that gives night vision when consumed. It can only be obtained via brewing. Turn a water bottle into a Potion of Night Vision by brewing a nether wart and a golden carrot together in a brewing stand.

How To Craft A Fermented Spider Eye

A fermented spider eye can only be obtained through crafting. You will need the following items in order to craft one fermented spider eye:

  • Brown Mushroom: A brown mushroom is a fungi that only grows in darkness. They’re usually found in caves, swamps, giant tree taiga forests, mushroom fields, and anywhere in the Nether.
  • Spider Eye: A spider eye is an item dropped by spiders and cave spiders. This item is mostly used for brewing but it can be consumed by players to inflict the poison status in themselves.
  • Sugar: Sugar is used as both a food ingredient and brewing ingredient. Sugar can be obtained from crafting a sugar cane with a crafting table.

Once you have all 3 ingredients, you can now craft a fermented spider eye. Use a crafting table and place all of the ingredients in the crafting grid. You can simply place them in any position or pattern on the grid and it will show the fermented spider eye in the crafting slot. Click and drag the fermented spider eye into your inventory to finish crafting.

How To Brew A Potion of Night Vision

The Potion of Night Vision is brewed by combining 2 ingredients—a nether wart and a golden carrot—in a brewing stand. To brew a Potion of Night Vision, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the brewing stand menu by right-clicking on the brewing stand. Once you’ve opened the menu, you will see empty slots for 3 bottles, an ingredient slot, and the fuel slot.
  2. Place the blaze powder inside the fuel slot. Blaze powder is obtained from crafting blaze rods that is dropped by blazes in nether fortresses. Placing the blaze powder in the fuel slot will immediately consume the blaze powder, thus becoming fuel for brewing.
  3. Place a water bottle in the empty bottle slot. You can place up to 3 water bottles for brewing. You can obtain a water bottle by filling an empty bottle with water.
  4. Then place a nether wart in the ingredient slot to start brewing. Wait for a few seconds to complete brewing. Once done, the water bottle will turn into an awkward potion. The awkward potion will have no effects. Do not remove the awkward potion from the potion slot.
  5. Continue brewing the awkward potion by adding the golden carrot inside the ingredient slot. Wait again for a few seconds until the brewing is complete.
  6. The brewing is finished as soon as the bubble movement stops. This will turn the awkward potion into a Potion of Night Vision. Click and drag the Potion of Night Vision into your inventory to complete the brewing process.

How To Make A Potion of Invisibility

Once you have a fermented spider eye and a Potion of Night Vision, it’s time to start brewing the Potion of Invisibility. Follow the steps below in order to make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft:

  1. Open the brewing menu and place the blaze powder in the fuel slot if there is currently no fuel in the brewing stand. Then place the Potion of Night Vision in the empty bottle slot. You can place up to 3 Potions of Night Vision.
  2. Add the fermented spider eye in the ingredient slot and wait for a few seconds while brewing ensues.
  3. Once completed, the Potion of Night Vision will turn into a Potion of Invisibility. Click and drag the Potion of Invisibility into your inventory to finish.

When you’ve finished brewing the Potion of Invisibility, you may immediately use it. To use, simply hold the Potion of Invisibility in your hand and press your right-click mouse button to drink. You must hold your right-click mouse button until the potion disappears and the invisibility takes effect. When you open your player menu by pressing your E key on the keyboard, you will see the invisibility effect on the left side of the player menu.

You can also turn the Potion of Invisibility into a Splash Potion of Invisibility by adding a gun powder to the potion. A splash potion is a potion whose effects can be inflicted by other players and mobs when hit. To use a splash potion, simply hold the potion in your hand, aim towards the direction you want to throw the potion in, and press right-click to throw it. This will throw the splash potion and will immediately take effect upon impact, thus breaking the potion into a splash. All players and mobs who are hit within the splash potion’s range will receive the potion’s effects. This is particularly useful when sharing the Potion of Invisibility’s effect with other players in multiplayer mode.

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