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When you have been playing life sims for a very long time, you may start to wonder if there is more to the gameplay than bringing life into existence and watching your creations grow. You may sometimes pause and ask yourself, how does one make things more challenging from here on?

How to do the Making Money Scenario in The Sims 4

The makers of The Sims 4 may have included several challenges like life aspirations or career goals in their game, but never have they tried their hands at creating new scenarios and incorporating some objectives for players to accomplish — until now.

About Scenarios

“Scenarios” is a new feature added to the base game of The Sims and was launched November 2, 2021. Suppose you are familiar with fan challenges like the Rags to Riches, Legacy, and Asylum. In that case, you know this is the concept EA Games is trying to effectuate with Scenarios.

MM Scenarios

In Scenarios, you are given a backstory and specific tasks you need to complete. There are multiple ways to achieve a Scenario, which will provide you with different outcomes and achievement titles depending on how you play the game.

There are two permanent Scenarios introduced as yet, and one available for a limited time only. This guide will focus on one of the permanent Scenarios titled “Making Money.”

The Making Money Scenario

Fan-made challenges have existed in The Sims community for as long as anyone could remember. The Making Money Scenario is similar to the Rags to Riches challenge, one of the most popular challenges that spawned countless interesting vlogs and stories in the community.

Your objective in this Scenario is to put your Sims in a situation where they are stripped of all their money and have to earn a million Simoleons before they die of old age.

Start a New Scenario

MM Starting

So, let’s go ahead and start a new Scenario. Upon updating your game, you will immediately find New Scenario on the Main Menu, click on it, and see the scenarios you can choose from. You can hover over the Making Money Scenario and click on View.

A window will appear, showing the details of the selected Scenario. You may choose whether to start in a new save or to select an old save file.

In this Scenario, you are not given any household requirements, so you are free to create your Sim however you prefer.

MM ChoosingHouse

After creating your new Sims or choosing your existing household, you will have to pick the residential lot your Sims get to live in. Once you select a lot, you will automatically become penniless, and this is where your new story shall begin.

Tips on How to Win this Scenario

MM Frogs

If you are feeling a little adventurous or you would like to earn a few simoleons before focusing on your career goals or getting a job, you may try the following methods:

  • Selling items from your house: Lights, decorations, and some furniture that are not very useful for your Sim’s daily needs can be sold for a few hundred simoleons.
  • Fishing: Apart from providing you with different types of fish, this activity is also a great way to get items you can either sell or use in your house.
  • Digging for Treasure: Earn Simoleons by selling fossils, elements, crystals, and metals found by breaking rocks or excavating dig spots.
  • Catching frogs: You can sell frogs for a low price but you can multiply your earnings by breeding two frogs. Look for frogs hidden in logs nearby fishing spots or catch them in The Forgotten Grotto.
MM Harvest
  • Harvesting crops: Trees, bushes, and plants you can harvest from are spread all over the neighborhood. Use them to your advantage, even if it means stealing a few crops from your neighbors.
  • Dumpster diving (from The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle:) If you install this pack, you can find dumpsters wherein you can rummage through to find discarded items, food, or a few Simoleons.
  • Wishing on a Well (From The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff): When you wish upon a Whispering Wishing Well, you will be blessed with fortune. Although, that will still depend on the fluctuating mood of the Well. If you have chanced upon a happy-looking Well, wishing for Simoleons will earn you lottery money which can add up to 10,000 Simoleons to your funds.
  • Treasure hunting (from The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure): Having this pack installed will add a few more fossils, crystals, and artifacts which are hidden in excavation sites and treasure chests.

Time is money, and if you want to earn a million Simoleons the quickest way possible without the use of cheats, you can create a Sim with the Fortune and Fabulously Wealthy Aspirations. Doing so will give your Sims whims related to money-making, and they may act as helpful tips in finding ways to save up lots of Simoleons.

You have to choose wisely in adding traits for your Sim. Traits like GeniusSelf-Assured, and Perfectionist will make Sims who are often focused and confident, and therefore, they will be able to perform well in their jobs. 

Having the Freegan and Recycle Disciple traits from The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle will also be advantageous for you in this Scenario since they are types of Sims who enjoy being resourceful and dislike spending money.

Avoid adding the Materialistic trait as these Sims would feel depressed or tense for holding off on buying new items, and you do not want to have a Sim like that in this kind of challenge.

MM Astronaut

Finally, choose a high-earning job like the Astronaut career, which can earn you around 14,000+ Simoleons per week. Other high-paying professions also include the MilitaryActingCriminalBusinessSecret Agent career paths.

Other Ways to Save and Make Money:

MM CommunityLot
  1. To save money on your electric bill, opt to live in a small house or apartment.
  2. If you have chosen to live on an empty lot to crank up the challenge, make use of the Community Lots and all the resources you can find in your neighborhood.
  3. Turn off your Sim’s Autonomy so you can gain full control of your Sims. By doing this, you can prevent your Sims from overspending money or just loitering around your house.
  4. Making your Sims happy by completing whims will reward you with you Satisfaction points. You can exchange these points for certain potions, perks, or items that can give you a boost in earning a buck or two.
  5. To get job promotions quickly, let your Sim go to work without any negative moodlets and finish their tasks at home when not busy working.
  6. Hobbies like painting, woodworking, and writing can supply your Sims with profitable products once you max out their skills.

Completing the Making Money Scenario

After finally earning one million Simoleons, you will get an achievement reward along with some Satisfaction points. A pop-out window will reveal the Scenario’s outcome and the days it took for you to complete it. Once you are done with the Making Money Scenario, you are free to play the game any way you want. Either you could continue with your life as a millionaire, or you could try out the other available Scenarios.

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