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As of this writing, Crypto is considered the worst Legend in Apex Legends. Unlike Wattson, Crypto has yet to receive a rework. An Apex Legends developer had already stated that Crypto is to be “streamlined”. Season 11 had all the Wattson rework, new weapons, an elaborate map, but there is no Crypto skillset streamlining nor a buff, even in minute ones.

How to Play as Crypto in Apex Legends (Season 11)

Crypto is absolutely the kind of Legend that shouldn’t be played by anyone without ample experience. If you have Legend coins lying around, you should probably spend them with other legends instead of buying him off. Crypto is the last Legend anyone should be unlocking until the promised streamlining is actually implemented.

Who is Crypto?

Crypto is an expert in secrets. He is a great hacker and encryption expert who employs aerial drones to spy on his opponents in the Apex Arena while remaining undetected. He, too, has a secret: his name is Tae Joon Park, and he joined the Apex Games to discover the individuals who falsely accused him of murder.

Tae Joon, an orphan who was abandoned at an early age, escaped a life of squalor by working as a computer engineer for the Mercenary Syndicate with his foster sister, Mila Alexander. Tae Joon and Mila discovered an algorithm that could predict the outcome of each Apex Games match, buried away in the Games’ own computer systems, one day.
That drew the attention of the wrong people; the next day, Mila vanished, and Tae Joon was driven into hiding after being falsely accused of her murder. He’s now entered the Games to cleanse his name since sometimes hiding in the spotlight is the best option.

Crypto, as of this writing, is the weakest Legend in Apex Legends. His skill is the antithesis of the game itself. He is immobile when he uses his drone and his Ultimate affects him and his teammates. To be fair, Crypto is amazing in the early stages of the game in Storm Point, but his usefulness degrades as soon as the map goes smaller.

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The drone is perfect in Season 11’s new map, Storm Point.

Playing Crypto: The Basics

  • Just around the corner. – Find corners that are not within any enemy’s vision. This is where you should deploy your drone in order to be safe from enemy attacks. Notify your teammates that you are also deploying the drone so that they would not stray away from you and protect you at your most vulnerable state.
  • Ping away. The drone’s range in terms of highlighting enemy forces is very low. Even if they are very visible in your feed, your teammates will not know their location or presence. Ping these enemies instead.
  • Too close for comfort. If the enemies are nearby, do not even attempt to use your drone. Even if you found a cozy corner, Bloodhound may scan you out of your position and you’ll be hunted.
  • Just around the corner part II. You can also park your drone in corners and cravicies that are hard to find. This way, you can protect your drone getting destroyed while at the same time scouting the area around you.
  • Save the drone. The drone’s revival cooldown is too long. Without his drone, Crypto is essentially useless. Do not make the mistake of getting your drone killed because during its downtime, Crypto is not a Legend at all.

How to Use Crypto’s Skills in Apex Legends

In-game Description: 

Enemies detected by the Surveillance Drone within 30 meters of your position are marked for you and your teammates to see.

The 30-meter range is incredibly small but it is still very useful in vast spaces. This allows you to stay aware of your environment and any hazards at all times. It is critical that you transmit any information you obtain from your drone to your squadmates so that they are completely informed of any possible hazards. It bears repeating though that the drone is not an “I win” button and thus does not replace common sense.

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The drone can travel through The Ring without taking any damage.

How to Use Crypto’s Tactical Surveillance Drone

In-game Description:

Deploy an aerial drone that allows you to view the surrounding area from above. If the drone is destroyed, there is a forty second-cooldown before you can deploy another.

Crypto is infamous for his Surveillance Drone. He shoots a drone into the sky (or on the floor if you like) to scan the area for adversaries. While controlling the drone, Crypto remains immobile, and you may switch from drone to Crypto on the go, or recall the drone to deploy it somewhere else.

Here are some things that you must remember regarding the Surveillance Drone:

  • One of the most crucial things to know about the Drone is that you can glance at one of the world’s enormous kill leader banners while operating it and quickly check whether there are any foes within 200 meters of Crypto. This is a huge benefit to Crypto and his crew since it helps prevent surprise assaults.
  • Crypto’s drone has low health but is hard to hit. The cooldown penalty for destroying your drone is rather long at 40 seconds, so make sure to keep moving with your drone if attackers are around firing at it.
  • Crypto’s drone can now open and scan care packages. Instead of wasting time gathering goods you don’t need, you and your team may inspect if there’s anything noteworthy inside the treasure drop.
  • Crypto’s drone can also use the Respawn Beacon to revive knocked out teammates. This allows you to stay out of trouble from stray enemies or stalking squads while reviving allies. The drone scouts and revives a fallen ally at the same time–unbelievable utility. Needless to say, you can also pick up your allies’ banner.
  • With Crypto’s drone, you may have remote access to a variety of resources. You can open and close doors, as well as open supply containers and survey beacons.

How to Use Crypto’s Ultimate Drone EMP

In-game Description:

Your SurveillanceDrone sets off an EMP blast that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.

This game-changing ultimate unleashes an EMP blast that causes shield damage, slows foes, and disables traps using Crypto’s Surveillance Drone. This ability is very powerful in Meltdown’s most densely populated sections since it affects all players within a 30-meter radius, even if they are hidden behind walls and cover. When your allies are around, try to drop your ultimate since they will be able to clear out any foes trapped inside the blast’s radius. This ability really comes into play late in the game as the map causes more players to cluster together, so try to grab a start on opponent teams before they confront you.

Here are some things that you must remember regarding the Ultimate Drone:

  • Just like Bangalore’s and Gibby’s Ultimates, all players in the radius, including allies, are affected by the slow effect by Crypto’s Drone EMP. However, only foes and you will receive damage. You do not need to be in the drone view to use your Ultimate ability. The drone, on the other hand, must be placed someplace.
  • During the charge time of the drone leading into the blast, enemies can still shoot it down. Try controlling the drone during this 3-second moment in order to save it from getting destroyed.
  • If a hostile squad is fleeing or attempting to flank your team, drop your EMP and stop their movement immediately. Slow and shield damage will generally cause gathered enemies to become disoriented, allowing your squad plenty of opportunity to annihilate them before they can respond.
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The author won a hard-fought game as Crypto. Crypto falls off the cliff as the game progresses.

Crypto vs Other Legends

Crypto is vulnerable to all Legends in close-quarter combat. He is most vulnerable to Bloodhound though as they can locate him almost immediately. Crypto really requires great patience and careful strategies to make him work.

As for allies, Crypto has great synergy with Caustic, Bangalore, and Gibraltar. However, this is only true when both Crypto or Caustic/Bangalore/Gibraltar are casting Ultimates, as the slow disallows enemy squads from escaping. Nevertheless, Bangalore’s smoke is a great way to confuse enemies while your drone scans them out of it.

Bloodhound and Seer are not great teammates of Crypto. Their kits overlap. And more importantly, both Bloodhound and Seer are better Legends across the board.

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