Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Auto Level Up


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Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes with the same things players are expecting from Mass Effect 1,2, and 3. In fact, most of the mechanics, and deeply rooted aspects of the game are the same in this remastered version. One thing which has always been a thing in Mass Effect 1, is the auto level up function. Players are confused as to whether to use this feature or what it’s actually for. Let’s clear those things up!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Auto Level Up

Auto Level Up – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

If you play Mass Effect 1 in the Legendary Edition of the game, you would most likely find yourself pondering on whether to use auto level or not. It has become such an overrated feature, which most veterans will advise you to turn off.

So, should you turn off the auto level up feature in Mass Effect Legendary Edition? The short answer is, yes; Players should definitely turn off this feature when starting their Mass Effect journey. Why?

There is a misconception among new players that this feature allows the character and squad to level up automatically. While that may be true, it is only the half answer. It levels up talents, rather than the player level.

So, with it on, it selects automatically which talents to upgrade, without following a strict rule whether they would work for your build. The best way is to upgrade your talents yourself, depending on the build you are trying to achieve!

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