Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Max Level Cap


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In the Mass Effect Legendary Editions there were a lot of fundamental changes to the game. The most notable change was the max level cap, and the level scaling. In any case, you can also play with the same level scaling as the classic, or play with the new one. We will dive into what are the differences in both modes for level scaling, and the max level cap for both!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Max Level Cap

Max Level Cap – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How many modes for level scaling are there in the new Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Two.

  • Classic;
  • Legendary.

Those are the two options for how the levels will scale in your gameplay. The new max level cap in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the legendary level scaling is level 30. As for the classic level cap, that is double, meaning it is level 60.

Does this mean that only half of the progression will be made if you choose the legendary scaling? Well, no. Since there are fundamental changes to the scaling of levels, it means that it takes the same amount of progress to reach the max level cap.

Not only that, but leveling up, while less frequently, it will give you more skill points, compared to the classic mode, to mitigate for the fact that there are only 30 levels.

In the end, whether you’re going with the new legendary level scaling or the classic one, it doesn’t really make a difference in the grand scheme of things. The classic mode was implemented only for Mass Effect veterans, that don’t really want these changes.

In all honesty, while there might be a practical reason as to why these changes were made, it is really difficult to find it. It is the same whether you’re on both modes, so why change it even in the first place?

We suspect that is has something to do with scaling down the numbers, and making it simpler, but is level 60 actually that high of a level?

It might also be that the developers felt that leveling up in the classic Mass Effect games was relatively fast, so, to change that, they made lesser levels, with slower rate of leveling up.

Whatever the case might be, both modes are the same in terms of progression, and it doesn’t really matter which one players go with.

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