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Boar is one of the wild animals in Medieval Dynasty. While you are having a short stroll in the game and having a pleasant time in the forests, you can see one boar in front of you, and it is a matter of time before this boar attacks you. Because of this, sometimes boars can be a trouble, and even lose your life if you cannot prevent their attacks. On the other hand, you can hunt boars with a spear in your hand and satisfy your hunger by eating their meat.

Medieval Dynasty: Boar | Where To Find

Let’s see where to find boar in Medieval Dynasty.

Where To Find Boar In Medieval Dynasty

Boars are generally found in forests. There are boars in many different forests and even close to villages. If you want to find a boar, it is enough to walk around the forests or near the villages. For example, there are boars in the rural area north of Gostovia village.

On the other hand, if your purpose is not to hunt boars, it is crucial for your safety to take many spears with you while entering the forest. Boars are often found around, and in forests, so they can come across and attack you. To prevent this, all you need is a spear.

Tips To Kill Boar In Medieval Dynasty

If your purpose is to hunt boars, again, what you need is a spear. If you quietly catch the boar you want to hunt by pressing the “Ctrl” key, the boar will not notice you. It is enough to throw the spear at the boar after getting close enough to it. Also, it is not possible to hunt boars with a single spear. The spear you aim at the head will do more damage to the boar, but it will not be enough for you to hunt in one move. After you attack the boar, it will notice you and make a move towards you. At that time, you can hunt it by making the second killer attack. As a tip, neither stay too far away nor stop too close to hunt the boar.

Consequently, the boar is one of the dangerous wild animals in the Medieval Dynasty. It is located near many forests and villages in the game. You can hunt boars and take advantage of their flesh and fur. Also, it would help if you had some tactics to hunt. In addition, keeping a spear with you at all times to protect yourself from boar attacks while walking around will make your survival easier.

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