Medieval Dynasty: Clay Location | How to Get Clay



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Clay is one of the primary resources in Medieval Dynasty. Like other resources, clay is needed for many different crafting and building. In addition, the feature that distinguishes clay from other resources is that it is not found everywhere, such as sticks and rocks.

Medieval Dynasty: Clay Location | How to Get Clay

Let’s see clay location and how to get clay in Medieval Dynasty.

Clay Locations In Medieval Dynasty

Clay, like other materials, is not available everywhere. There are certain places where clay is found, and there are clay mounds. These clay mounds are scattered around the map. Also, when you start the game, the closest clay location is just west of Gostovia village.

How To Get Clay

To obtain clay, you must first go to the areas with clay. You can dig clay by going near the clay mounds in these areas. Also, you need a shovel to get clay.

To craft a shovel, you need to make technological advances and buy books from the “Buildings” section in the “Technology” tab. Because of this, you cannot craft a shovel at the beginning of the game. Therefore, it isn’t easy to get clay at the beginning of the game. On the other hand, you can make the technological advance required for the shovel by cutting down trees and building constructions.

Consequently, although clay is a crucial resource, it is not easily found everywhere. Also, to obtain clay, you need to have a specific technological advance, or you can get clay by purchasing shovels from vendors in some villages. It is also not easy to obtain clay at the beginning of the game as it is a bit difficult to bring the shovel. It will also be easier to get clay if you build close to the clay mounds while building your house.

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