Medieval Dynasty Farming | How to Hunt & Farm



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You need a lot of things to survive in Medieval Dynasty. One of these needs is food, the most basic human need.

Medieval Dynasty Farming | How to Hunt & Farm

Let’s see how you can hunt and farm in Medieval Dynasty…

Medieval Dynasty Farming | How To Hunt and Farm

There are several ways to obtain food in Medieval Dynasty:

  • Hunting
  • Trapping
  • Fishing
  • Farming


Hunting is one of the most basic ways to get food in the game. While playing Medieval Dynasty, you can see many different animals roaming around you. You can meet your food by hunting these animals.

There are several different methods for hunting animals. At the beginning of these methods, you can hunt animals using various hunting tools such as a wooden spear. You need specific resources to obtain these hunting tools. You can then dive deep into the forests to hunt animals such as rabbits and deer and feed yourself with the meat you get from them.


Another way to get food in Medieval Dynasty is trapping. Although this way is similar to hunting, you use traps instead of hunting tools. There are different traps for each animal in the game. With these traps, you can catch specific animals and get food from their meat.

In Medieval Dynasty, you can trap birds, rats, and rabbits. On the other hand, you have to create traps to trap these animals, and crafting bird and rat traps requires a particular technology. It is not easy to get bird and rat meals by trapping at the beginning of the game, but you could easily catch a rabbit with trap in the early game.


Fishing is another way of obtaining food in Medieval Dynasty. You can catch fish and get food from them. All you need is fishing nets.

Fishing nets are similar to other traps but are used for fishing. Also, unlike other traps, fishing nets can be crafted in different sizes. Crafting a small fishing net at the beginning of the game is very simple, and the necessary resources can be found easily. In addition, the amount of fish you will catch varies according to the size of the fishing net. Another essential point about fishing nets is that you can use a fishing net three times.


Farming is one of the most basic ways of obtaining food in the Medieval Dynasty. In farming, you can get food by planting seeds and growing and harvesting those seeds.

The first thing you need for this is a hoe. Then you need to build a field from the “Building” tab to plant your seeds. After you have built your field, you can provide a “bag” and plant various seeds in your field. You need to water your seeds to grow, and you need a “watering tank” to provide the necessary water. You can water your seeds by filling water from any water sources into this watering tank. When your seeds grow, you can harvest your seeds to obtain food.

There are seeds of different vegetables and fruits, such as onion, carrot, etc. in Medieval Dynasty. You can buy these seeds from the inhabitants of the village. For instance, one of the sellers of the seeds is Adelina in Gostovia, and you can buy onion and carrot seeds from her.

Also, as you can see, farming gives you food after a long process. Therefore, if you need food in the short term, it would be better to obtain it in other ways.

In addition to these, Medieval Dynasty also allows animal husbandry as well as farming. For animal husbandry, you can construct buildings such as pigsty, cowshed, fold in the “Farming” tab, you can have different animals and get food such as milk and eggs from them. Also, you can craft your seeds by building a barn.

Consequently, you can get food in Medieval Dynasty in many different ways. After obtaining food in the methods mentioned above, you can cook your food in a cauldron placed in your house or by crafting a campfire. Cooked foods satisfy your hunger more than raw foods. You can also try to survive by collecting food such as mushrooms on the ground.

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