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Healing is one of the most important mechanics in the Medieval Dynasty. While trying to survive in harsh conditions in the game, your HP may decrease in some cases, and if you do not regenerate your HP, you will die. Being poisoned, being attacked by wild animals, and being hungry are the leading situations that reduce HP.

Medieval Dynasty: Healing Guide

Your HP will decrease when you encounter these situations. At this point, healing becomes very important to progress in the game.

Let’s see how to heal in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Heal In Medieval Dynasty

There are multiple ways to heal in the game. One of these ways is to sleep. There is a bed in your house you built, and you can increase your life in this bed. However, in Medieval Dynasty, you can only sleep at night, ie, certain hours.

Moral Mushrooms

The second way to heal yourself in the game is by consuming moral mushrooms. You can heal yourself by collecting and consuming moral mushrooms that spawn in the forest in autumn. On the other hand, it’s not that easy to find moral mushrooms. In general, you need to scrutinize the ground to find moral mushrooms that grow at the bottom of the trees.


The third way to improve in the game is to consume broadleaf plantain. This plant is found in the forest and provides an excellent health boost. Each consumption of broadleaf plantain will increase your HP by +10.


The fourth way is to consume a flatbread. To craft a Flatbread, you must have built a tavern. After you build a Tavern, you can craft and consume flatbread here to heal your health very well. Each consumption of flatbread will increase your HP by +5.

How to Heal From Poisoned Food

Finally, you can get poisoned by eating a variety of foods in Medieval Dynasty. To get rid of the poisoning situation, you need to consume the St. John’s Wort herb. Consuming this herb will save you from poisoning. After consuming this herb, you can continue the game comfortably by healing your health in various ways.

Consequently, in the harsh conditions of life in the Medieval Dynasty, your HP may decrease at any moment, and if you don’t prevent it, you could die. Therefore, you can increase your HP by applying one of the multiple healing ways in the game. After building a house, the quickest way to increase your HP is to sleep. By sleeping at night, you can significantly increase your HP. You can also increase your HP by collecting various herbs from the forest or buying these herbs from the villages.

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