Medieval Dynasty: Marriage | How To Get Married



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Marriage is a necessity for survival in the Medieval Dynasty. By getting married, you have a wife, and you have a dynasty with your wife. Also, there are many benefits your wife can give you. For example, your wife can heal your HP and help you improve your skills. This makes it easier for you to survive.

Medieval Dynasty: Marriage | How To Get Married

Let’s see how to get married in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Get Married In Medieval Dynasty

To get married, you need to improve your bilateral relations with a young girl. By having ordinary conversations with a young girl in any village, you can enhance your bilateral relations and positively affect her attitude towards you. After bringing your bilateral ties to a certain level, you can start flirting that young girl and give her compliments. Thus, you collect the affection required for the marriage.

Your affection is significant in your relationship with that young girl. This affection determines the probability of being accepted when you propose. Therefore, be sure to compliment the person you want to marry when flirting.

When your chances for marriage increase, you can marry by proposing to the young girl. Also, there are a few things to consider when choosing a woman to marry. First of all, the person you marry must be an adult. In other words, the age of the woman you marry should be suitable for marriage. You can compliment women whose age is suitable for marriage anyway. Another point is that the person you want to marry should not be married. In Medieval Dynasty, you cannot date people who are married.

Consequently, you need to get married to establish a dynasty in Medieval Dynasty. By talking to young girls living in the villages, you can improve your relationship and start flirting. You can then marry the young girl you are flirting by proposing marriage. It is also crucial that you provide good living conditions for your wife after marriage. If you do not provide your wife with good living conditions, especially a house, she may leave you.

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