Medieval Dynasty: How to Craft Crossbow and Iron Bolts



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Crafting a crossbow and iron bolts is very similar to bow and arrow. The difference is that you have to have progressed a bit further when you have iron Smithy II at least.

Medieval Dynasty: How to Craft Crossbow and Iron Bolts

Since you need an anvil and not a workbench, you can expect this weapon to be relatively more powerful than the usual bow and arrow. It can be a viable option for a weapon, so it is crucial to be crafting crossbows and iron bolts.

Crafting Crossbow and Iron Bolts in Medieval Dynasty

It would be best if you bought a few schemes for Smithy II to craft these. It will cost you around 2000 for both a crossbow and iron bolts.

You can also buy a crossbow, but it will make a more significant dent in your pocket. This way, you can craft it whenever you want and for a lot less money.

How to Craft a Crossbow and Iron Bolts

  1. Build a Smithy II.
  2. Buy schemes for crossbow and iron bolts.
  3. Gather resources: logs, linen thread, leather, and iron.
  4. Approach the anvil and start crafting the crossbow.


  • Log: 2
  • Linen Thread: 6
  • Leather: 1
  • Iron: 4
  1. Craft iron bolts.


  • Sticks
  • Iron
  • Feathers

It will vary how much of these materials you need, based on how many iron bolts you want to craft.

Linen Thread is the only material that will be a bit more difficult to come by. You can either buy it from shops or find it somewhere.

You can buy a crossbow from Jan. However, it will be at least 200 coins and with only 25% durability. You are better off maximizing Smithy II. Good luck, survivor!

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