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Reed is one of the most critical materials in Medieval Dynasty. You can get straws by harvesting reeds, and straws are the primary resources for many crafting and buildings, especially building houses. You build your roofs with straws, and your torch is crafted with straws. Therefore, reeds are one of the essential materials in the game.

Medieval Dynasty: Reeds | Where To Find

Let’s see where to find reeds in Medieval Dynasty.

Where To Find Reeds In Medieval Dynasty

Reeds can easily find in the Medieval Dynasty. There are many streams and lakes, and reeds place on the shores of these rivers and lakes. You can find reeds by going to any lake or stream. For example, there are many reeds on the shoreline of the lake, north of Gostovia village.

You need a fair amount of straws to build your first home in Medieval Dynasty. If you don’t have enough straws, you won’t be able to build your house roof and, as a result, complete your home. Therefore, you can first go to the shore of the lake north of Gostovia village to harvest reeds and get straws. For harvesting, it is enough to go to a reed and press the “E” key. Also, one reed will give you more than one straws, and it will be effortless to get straws by finding reed.

You also need straws to craft a simple torch. The torch is an essential item for you that you will not spend the night without sleeping. It is not possible to see the front at night without the torch. Therefore, it becomes vital throughout the game that you get straws by harvesting reeds on the shoreline.

Consequently, reeds are one of the essential materials in Medieval Dynasty. You can get straws by harvesting reeds, and you need to use these straws as a source for many crafting and building in the game. Reeds are found on the shoreline of streams and lakes, and they can be found quite comfortably. Harvesting these large numbers of reeds and storing straws will make your progress in the game much more comfortable.

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