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Dragons are magnificent and noble creatures, and if you’re a big fan, Merge Dragons lets you keep them as companions. With over 70 dragon breeds and many quests to clear, you won’t run out of things to do. One of the ways to speed up the game’s progress is to spend Dragon Gems.

How to Get Gems in Merge Dragons

Players looking for ways to obtain Dragon Gems need not look further. The game allows you to get them free, though you can also spend money on Instant Gems instead. Read on to find out more about getting more Gems in Merge Dragons.

How to Get Dragon Gems

Besides buying Dragon Gems themselves with your real-world money, you have only one primary way to earn them. You’ll have to tap on Dragon Stars to get the Gems.

Whether it’s a Quest that happens in Camp or a Level, you can tap any Dragon Stars that appear. The result is a few Dragon Gems. Occasionally, you can get a Level 1 Dragon Star instead.

You can choose to tap the Dragon Star in the Quest or leave it alone. Leaving it alone will let you tap it at Camp or merge a few. While you can combine them in threes, it’s much better to wait until you have five Dragon Stars.

Camp refers to the game’s central hub. You can perform many actions here, such as managing Dragons, discovering objects, and more.

Merging five Dragon Stars will yield a Magnificent Dragon Star, and you can tap it for five Giant Dragon Gems. These Giant Dragon Gems can be further combined into Insane Dragon Gems. The former is worth five normal Dragon Gems each, and the latter will give you 15 Gems.

A Trick to Guarantee More Gems

Each Dragon Star has a certain number of times you can tap on it, and if you go beyond it, you lose the rewards. To ensure you get the most out of your Stars, follow these steps:

  1. Use a bubble to wrap the Dragon Stars in Camp.
  2. Gather five of them.
  3. Get the Stars out of their bubbled states.
  4. Place them near each other, but don’t merge them yet.
  5. Go to the map.
  6. Turn off your internet connection and return to Camp.
  7. Tap and count how many times each Dragon Star can be tapped.
  8. Go back to the map.
  9. Reconnect to the internet.
  10. Retrieve your previous save.
  11. Don’t choose to keep playing.
  12. Once you reset everything, you can now tap your Dragon Stars

If you tapped one for four times before it disappeared, this time, tap it three times. You can repeat this process for the most Gems possible. Merge your Dragon Gems by fives, as doing so yields more.

Before you merge Dragon Stars, you can also tap them once for an extra Dragon Gem. Going beyond this may result in losing the Star.

Spending Dragon Gems

There are several items and services on which you can spend your Dragon Gems. Here they are:

  • Skipping Camp Quests
  • Opening Dimensional Jars for their high-level rewards
  • Buying Level Rewards
  • Purchasing Buy Menu wares
  • Purchasing Kala’s Shop’s offerings
  • Buying Secret Event Capsules
  • Opening Dragon Chests in Camp
  • Immediately wake up Dragons, and the Dragons get bonus Stamina upon being roused this way
  • Get double of the Challenge Levels’ rewards
  • Get the maximum number of Chalices

Draconic Riches and Rewards

As the only way to earn Dragon Gems, you’ll have to try to milk the most out of your Dragon Stars. Thankfully, the exploit we described earlier helps you find out that sweet spot without risk. Eventually, you’ll be earning plenty of Gems for some great rewards.

How many Dragon Gems do you have right now? How do you usually spend them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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