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Anyone who’s a Metal Gear Solid 5 fan will know who Quiet is and her battlefield practicality. She’s a crack shot with sniper rifles, and Big Boss can tell her to kill silently. However, how do you recruit her since you encounter her as an enemy?

How to Get Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5

The only way to recruit Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5 is to face her in battle. She’s not your average sniper, though, as her HP is relatively high. Keep on reading for effective strategies to beat her.

What Can Quiet Do?

After you recruit Quiet, you can equip her as your battlefield buddy. She functions as your personal lookout and sniper. With her on your team, you can order her to:

  • Mark specific enemies permanently
  • Mark points of interest
  • Cover Big Boss with sniper fire
  • Kill enemies on command

You can choose to equip Quiet with lethal weapons or tranquilizer sniper rifles. This way, you can still complete your no-kill runs or decide to let her wipe out the guards outside while you do your bloody work.

Recruiting Quiet

You don’t get Quiet until you get deeper into the game. In particular, you have to play the Make Contact with Emmerich Side Ops mission and allow Quiet’s appearance to trigger. The initial steps are as follows:

  1. Start the Make Contact with Emmerich Side Ops mission.
  2. Pick the landing zone to the north of Takho Oboo Supply Outpost.
  3. Set your buddy to D-Horse.
  4. Adjust the drop time to 0600 hours.
  5. Start the mission.

The Mission

Before this, you’ll hear Kaz or Ocelot mention an elusive female sniper taking out Russian officers in Afghanistan. Now is your cue to fighting and capturing Quiet.

Once you’re on the mission, try to stick to this plan:

  1. Get near the Soviet guard post.
  2. Go to the right, along the wall of rock.
  3. You’ll eventually go back to the main road and bypass the post entirely.
  4. Keep moving and pass a stone archway, which is when Quiet will start shooting.
  5. Episode 11: Cloaked in Silence will begin, and you only have to wait for the credits to roll.
  6. Choose to take Quiet down by engaging.

This stage is also when you can decide to escape Quiet completely. Don’t worry, as you can always come back here later to complete the Episode.

Fighting Quiet

Quiet’s sniper scope will glint in the sunlight, allowing you to pinpoint her location. She also starts humming her particular tune while she’s in the field. If you hit her, she’ll dash away, leaving behind a large dust cloud.

These are the ways to locate and fight her. Once you know her patterns, taking her out is easy.

It’s best to fight her from a distance, as sneaking up to her is practically impossible. She’ll always discover you and hurt you badly.

There are two ways to deal damage to her. One involves airdrops, while the other is a more conventional method.

When you locate Quiet, ask for an airdrop directly on her location. The airdrop will fall and deplete half of her blue HP bar. After doing this one more time, you can approach the unconscious sniper and choose to save her.

Alternatively, you can use your own sniping skills to damage her. Doing so will deplete her red HP bar instead, but the results are the same. After she gets shot enough, you can pick the option to save her.

The non-lethal method involving airdrops will unlock a hidden achievement but doesn’t change the story in any way.

The Silent Sniper

Quiet cannot speak due to a unique condition involving parasites, but they also grant her superhuman powers. Once you recruit her, she’ll not only support you in battle, but you can also learn more about her story. With her sniper rifle ready, Big Boss is always safe in the field.

How did you manage to recruit Quiet? Do you consider her buddy abilities useful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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