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If you’re looking to get that JRPG itch scratched, then you shouldn’t look anywhere beyond Bandai Namco’s Tales of Arise. A lot of critics are praising the game for being a masterclass when it comes to JRPGs. It’s definitely a game if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, Persona, Dragon Quest, and the likes.

Tips And Tricks For A Successful Tales Of Arise Run

Even die-hard series fans have said that Tales of Arise is not just the best entry in the series, it’s apparently one of the toughest games in the series as well. Even those that have played all of the previous entries in the game required help in their Tales of Arise journey. If you’re one of those people that need a helping hand, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you all throughout the game.

Always Eat

Early on in the game, Shionne will teach Alphen how to cook. This is a very important action. To cook, all you need are the ingredients you can pick up along the way and recipes that you learn from completing sub-quests. Eating nets your characters important stat bonuses which are very helpful whether you’re facing a tough boss or are grinding for materials.

Some of the bonuses you can get from cooking include attack boosts, XP boosts, defense boosts, and even a luck boost that increases the number of items you get after each fight. You’ll be tasked with picking who to cook the dish with and always choose the character that specializes in that dish. Doing this will net you bonuses such as increased duration and stronger cooking effects.

Don’t Spam Boost Attacks

Boost Attacks are your best weapons in the game. The boost attack meter automatically charges on its own but you can speed up the process by attacking as well. A common mistake that newbies make when playing Tales of Arise is spamming the Boost Attack button whenever they can. However, it’s best to conserve these and only use them to counter specific types of enemies. To be more specific, here’s what enemies the characters counter:

  • Shionne – Flying enemies
  • Rimwell – Magical enemies
  • Law – Shielded enemies
  • Kisara – Charging enemies
  • Dohalim – Fleet-footed enemies.

Alphen is able to immobilize any type of enemy with his Boost Attack. By conserving your Boost Attack, you can get out of sticky situations very easily. Keep in mind that Boost Attack meters carry over after each battle as well.

Spend Your SP Wisely

SP or skill points are one of the most vital resources in the game. These are used to buy passive and active abilities for your characters on the skill tree. The good news is that there will always be a source of SP so long as there are enemies in the game. The problem is that it can take a while before you’re able to earn enough points to unlock some of the skills.

Since it’s a scarce resource most of the time, we highly suggest spending it wisely. If you look at each of the character’s panels on the skill tree, you can unlock special stat bonuses if you are able to unlock all of the five skills in one panel. Focus on getting the free stat bonuses first as these are all significant additions that can really power up Alphen and the gang.

Complete Sub-Quests Whenever You Can

There are a lot of sub-quests in Tales of Arise which are all indicated by a green star on your map. These quests involve completing tasks such as beating Gigants, hunting down a certain number of enemies, and even gathering items for NPCs. You’ll come across a new sub-quest almost in every new area and it’s impossible to miss out on these.

Finishing sub-quest rewards you with many things. The most common rewards are SP and Gald. In some sub-quests, you’ll be rewarded with items and recipes to cook as well. In some cases, you’ll be tasked with fighting enemies that are too overpowered in your current state. If that’s the case, try to grind for XP and SP a bit first.

Check For Equipment Upgrades When You Can

In the game, Alphen and the gang can equip a weapon, armor, and an accessory. For the armor, you can either get these from treasure chests around the world or you can buy them from stores as well. You can’t craft armors in the game which is good because all you need to spend to create new weapons is Gald.

As for the weapons itself, you can craft these using materials gathered from beating enemies. You’ll also need Gald to create these weapons as well.

When you craft a weapon, DON’T SELL IT once you’ve found a new upgrade. Some weapons can be refined to become stronger later on in the game. Good equipment can make or break your battles.

Take Advantage Of Weak Spots

There are a lot of tough bosses and special enemies called Gigants in Tales of Arise. Despite their high stats, these enemies suffer from one main problem – they have a weak spot. Nearly all of the major bosses and all of the Gigants in the game has a weak spot which is indicated as a glowing-orange crystal on their body. Focus your attacks on these areas as much as you can.

Aside from dealing heavier damage on these spots, there’s a chance that you’ll trigger what’s called as a Core Break. When this happens, the weak spot shatters, and the enemy becomes immobilized for a period of time. After initiating a Core Break, there will be a short period before it reappears on the same spot on the enemy’s body.

Watch Out For Shiny Spots

You’ll be doing a lot of walking in Tales of Arise. Along the way, you’ll come across shiny spots on the ground and in the water. It doesn’t cost you anything to walk up to these spots and interact with them. Doing so rewards you with a materials for crafting and ingredients for cooking.

Alphen can hold up to 99 of each material and ingredient in the game. There’s no reason for you to avoid interacting with those important shiny spots as you’ll definitely be needing the items you get from them later.

Fight Gigants

Gigants are optional bosses found all throughout Tales of Arise. Intimidating they may be, it’s very important that you fight these creatures when you can. You can net special crafting materials, high SP and XP from them.

Most importantly however, you can get Astral Flowers from beating Gigants. Astral Flowers permanently increase your CP by 10.

Customize Your Strategy

You can only control one of the characters in the game. The rest of the party moves automatically thanks to AI. While you can’t control them, you can at least customize your strategy so that they act better while in combat. There are preset tactics in the game but these aren’t exactly ideal.

Don’t be afraid to tinker with the strategy section of the menu. You can change how each of the characters reacts depending on what you need for a specific boss fight. We suggest stopping them from using items in the game as the AI can be a bit of a hog when it comes to using the party’s shared inventory.

Manage Your Farm

Once you reach Elde Menancia, Alphen and Law can initiate a sub-quest that unlocks a very important feature in the game which is farming. To finish the sub-quest, you’ll only need to spend CP to heal an injured NPC.

The farm is a vital resource for meat such as chicken, beef, pork, and even a unique creature called rappig. You can’t easily find free meat across the map as you would vegetable and fruit ingredients. Make sure to manage your farm every once in a while as the rewards are definitely worth it in the end.

To farm for livestock, all you need to do is pick an animal to raise. At first, you can only choose from cow, pig, and chicken. The list grows automatically as your farm more. Next, pick a type of feed to give to the animals. Some feeds allow your animals to produce more meat at a faster rate. Lastly, make sure to put dogs and cats on guard so that your livestock stays free from monsters and cats.

Master Dodging

In battle, only Kisara can block incoming attacks. This is a unique mechanic for any JRPG. Alphen, Shionne, Law, Rimwell, and Dohalim can dodge instead of block.

Dodging enemy attacks at the very last moment will initiate what’s called as a perfect dodge. A perfect dodge allows you character to recover immediately and instantly follow up with an attack at the enemy. In the case of Dohalim, you can increase his critical rate and range if you initiate a perfect dodge.

Conserve Your Stones

Across the world in Tales of Arise are stone resource points. By interacting with these, you can mine for all sorts of ore. Ores vary in rarity ranging from 2-4. The rarer the stone, the better. It can be tempting to sell these ores for quick Gald in case you need it but it’s best to hoard all of the ores you can find as these serve a very special purpose.

You can use ores to create accessories for Alphen and the gang. Now, it’s important that you keep your ores instead of selling them as these can be used to power up the accessories you create. Moreover, each individual ore creates a unique accessory that has varying stat bonuses as well. These ores sell for a low price anyway so it’s best to just hold on to them.

Tales of Arise may be difficult but with enough grinding and hard work, each fight will feel a lot easier. With these tips, you can dominate the game easily. These are tips that can help you out from beginning to end of the game.

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