How to Become an Elf in Miitopia


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Elf is one of the two secret jobs in Miitopia and beneficial addition to any team. However, many players don’t even know elves exist in the game since you can only unlock the character after completing the main storyline. If you’ve finished the main quests and wonder how else to have fun in the game, we’re here to help.

How to Become an Elf in Miitopia

Today, we’ll share how to get an Elf job in Miitopia. We’ll also explain why elves are excellent team players and which personality is most suitable for this job. Keep reading to uncover the elvish mystery.

How to Get the Elf Job in Miitopia

To unlock the character, you must beat the final boss of the game, the Replica Dark Lord, at the Uncharted Galados. As a reward, you’ll receive the Elven Charm hidden in a chest guarded by the Replica Dark Lord. The instructions are short, though the actual process of obtaining the Elf job is challenging.

After defeating the Replica Dark Lord, you may reencounter him as a regular enemy in post-game adventures. Therefore, it’s helpful to know his primary attacks.

The Replica Dark Lord has an HP of 5,555 as the final boss or 3,100 as a regular enemy. If he slams his hand into your character, you’ll inevitably die. The same happens if he traps you in a paralyzing nightmare or drops a rockslide on you.

Characteristics of Elves in Miitopia

The Elf is perfect in a support role as this character can restore team member MP using the Forest Blessing trait. Furthermore, elves can reduce enemy damage for other party members using the Forest Aegis trait or heal the whole party with Healing Melody. Finally, the Counter Arrows attack protects team members against physical attacks.

Elves have a relatively low HP, though, with a maximum of 287 and MP up to 255. However, they have high attack stats of up to 420 and high defense stats of up to 407. The maximum speed is 156, and the magic is 291. Such a combination of stats makes an Elf a perfect defense character.

However, the initial stats are the lowest among all characters. For example, at level 50 without food and poor equipment, the Attack stat is 99 instead of 420. This character would also suffer from a lower Defence stat from 407 to 95. Make sure to max out the level and food buffs, as the Elf loses significantly in all stats when not fed.

Which Personality Is Best for an Elf in Miitopia?

Certain personality traits are more suitable for an Elf job than others as they balance the character’s weaknesses. Elves have low HP, so their Cool personality helps them stay alive longer. The Energetic personality, in turn, enhances Elf’s support abilities. Focus on increasing your Elf’s attack, HP, and MP stats.

A Magic Job

This character is advantageous in any boss fight, combining powerful attack and defense stats. It’s a pity the Elf job can only be unlocked after completing the main storyline. Hopefully, our guide will help you to get the Elf job and become an unreplaceable team member.

What’s your best defense strategy with other Miitopia characters? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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