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15 [Simple] Tips for Mobile Final Fantasy Newbies

With Mobius Final Fantasy being Square Enix’s latest mobile hit, I have decided to make a simple tips and guide new players on what they should know about the game.

Element Weakness is Slightly Different

Mobius FF Element

So most element is rock paper scissors type. MFF is not. You gain element resistance by using the same element for defending. When attacking, you use the opposing element. For those that can’t see the picture, the relationship is as follows:

When attacking, each element deals bonus damage to each other.

  • Fire <-> Water 
  • Wind <-> Earth

When defending, you use same element of that monster to take reduced damage.

There are more Jobs Available!

Knight Evolution

Currently, we only have Onion Knight(Tank), Ranger(DPS and Critical), Mage(Magic). Keep in mind that while the basic starter jobs can evolve their better versions, but Jobs that you can draw from the shop such as the Knight can evolve into Standalone Jobs, which is even better than our classic starters. It can move on to become a Royal Guard and then Imperial Knight. Check out the JP version if you are curious. I can’t read them, so its alien to me. Plus, Standalone Jobs have better stats than all the starter classes.

Should You Reroll?

This is personal preference, but I do know that you will eventually get the things you need, so its not needed. If you don’t like the card you drew, then re-roll it!

Auto-Battle and Double Speed

Double Speed Mobius FF

The AI is quite dumb, so don’t expect them to use the right elements all the time against enemies. Once you are comfortable with them, you can speed up your auto-battles by pressing the play button circled in red above.

Use 3 Star Ability Cards in Your Deck

Level up your cards to 3 stars asap so that you attacks become stronger and your support cards are more effective. Use metal cactuar cards to speed up the entire process.

First Ability Card Gains Bonus Experience!

Always put the card you want to level up on the first slot. You get more than double experience there.

Single Target and AoE

Some cards are AoE and attack in a cone shape, while others are strong single target skills. Always keep a mix of both types of cards in your deck. Also, healing is vital in the game during long dungeon battles, so be sure to always have Yuna in your deck!

Element Drives

Remember to use the element drive you don’t want to force other elements to appear more frequently as element orbs.

Work on What You Currently Have

Don’t worry about your cards and whether they are good or bad. Focus on upgrading and maxing their levels to make your characters stronger.

Customize Your Deck

Most people will follow the standard and use 3 offensive cards and 1 support card. You can use 2 offensive, 2 support as well. It just really depends on who you are fighting. I like to bring 1 offensive element against the enemy type and a one of another element. I also like 2 support cards as well. Also, use support cards from your rent because they are more useful unless you have a friend that has 4/5 star offensive cards.

You can Refresh Rental Cards!

Rental Refresh Mobius FF

I didn’t know this until I accidentally click on it. So I always had to use other classes’s skills. You can refresh it 3 times by the way. Teleport to another area and back if you want to reset the card list you can rent.

Buff/Debuff Mechanics

One of the most important mechanics of the game is enhancing your character or weakening the opposing enemy. Some common debuffs on your enemy is Stun and Slow These debuffs will make your enemy lose a turn, which is sweet! Another good one is No Guard. This allows you to deal the bonus damage to any enemy! Some good buffs are Haste and Boost. Haste will increase the number of actions per turn and Boost increase the Break Power!

Ultimate Skill

I made the classic mistake of using your limit break while the enemy still has is shield up. Only ever use them when their shields are down. That allows you to deal bonus damage to them!

Get More Skillseeds!

Focus on unlocking all the Skillseed levels of the ability cards you want seeds from. They all start off at +1 when the unlock level is at 0. The quantity increases as it goes higher. As you increase your skillseeds level, you will get more after battle. Also, be sure to check where you can obtain the ability cards you want. Go to the Ability Cards screen and tap on the top left button until it changes to show Info: Seeds. This way, you will see the elements and their unlocked levels.

Here is an important mechanic koukoupuffs is letting us know:

Mobius FF Area Bonuses

Note that simply maxing Skillseed levels isn’t enough. There are 2 main factors that determine the final Skillseed bonus you see on the Results screen: the bonus multiplier of the area and the multiplier from your battle score.

The total Skillseeds bonus comes from multiplying the Area Bonus by the Score Bonus. If you have the +50% from Mobius Gift Box, +0.5 will be added to the Area Bonus.

Here’s an example with numbers:

The bonus from the area is 1.5.
You obtained a score of 30,000 from battle. The bonus from that is 1.2.
Multiplying them together gives a total of 1.8.

With the +50% from the Gift Box, the calculation would be (1.5+0.5) x 1.2 which results in 2.4.

Save Extranger Cards for Later Extra Skills

Level 6+ cards are where things take a while, so hold on to them if you aren’t going to spend money on the game.

That’s it for now. I will be adding more stuff as I get further into the game!

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