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The Hitman games have always been available on multiple platforms. Among them, this franchise was always available for the PC players on Steam.

Will Hitman 3 Be Available on Steam

With the newest Hitman, the third installment, everybody starts questioning where will this game be available. One of the recurring questions is whether it is available for PC, more specifically whether it will be available on Steam.

We have dived deep into IO Interactive’s plan, and how they’re planning to execute the launch for Hitman 3 on January 20th.

Will Hitman 3 Be Available on Steam

The short answer is yes, but there is a catch to this answer. While it will be available on Steam, it won’t necessarily be from launch. In other words, IO Interactive has struck a deal with Epic Games to make it exclusive to that suite.

However, this is planned to be for only one year, at which point, the game will also become available on Steam. Not many are fond of exclusive deals such as these including myself, as it limits its players to using one application or launcher that they wouldn’t necessarily use otherwise.

Whatever the case may be, even though its not a big hump to jump over, it is still inconvenient.

Why an Exclusive Deal?

For those who aren’t aware, deals such as these are usually initiated by the platform, in this case Epic Games, for a certain fee.

So, this ultimately means that this gives the developers more room to make the game better and more stable, since they’ve received far more funds. We see this happening more than ever, since there are multiple applications like Steam and Epic Games.

Nevertheless, it is the same for consoles as well. There are many games which are only PS or Xbox exclusives, and they’re not available for any other platform. Thankfully, for consoles, Hitman 3 is available for both Xbox and PS.

As for the VR, it will only be exclusive to PlayStation for now. However, we might see that change once the game gets released for Steam, a suite full of virtual reality games.

This is pure speculation, and for official information we will have to wait and see how things progress.

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