Monster Hunter Stories 2: Best Weapon In The Game


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In the newest installment of the Monster Hunter franchise, Stories 2, there are only a handful of weapons to choose from. But in any case, you might find yourself switching from one weapon to another, especially for what type of a monster you might be up against. Below, you will learn about the best weapon in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Best Weapon In The Game

Best Weapon In The Game – Monster Hunter Stories 2

Now, as there are no “best” weapons in the game, we will focus on the uses of each one. Meaning, what’s the best use for the specific weapon in question, whether it be a bow, sword and shield, gunlance, hammer, hunting horn, or a great sword.

In all honsesty, this time around, in Monster Hunter Stories 2, even the armor doesn’t make much of a difference. The game is tailored in a way that anything will work, and anything will scale to late game.

Whatever the case may be, these are the best weapons in the game, for the particular use they’re for:

  • Sword & Shield. Great slashing combo, but with some tanky abilities. Meaning, this is great for a hybrid build, tankiness + DPS.
  • Great Sword. With this, there is a high damage output, and there are tons of combos that players can perform. This is the most fun weapon for most players.
  • Bow. A great ranged weapon, with the ability to inflict a handful of status effects. The arrows get coated with poison, and it inflicts a debuff to monsters.
  • Gunlance. High DPS attacks, but similar to Sword & Shield in a way that you get some defense as well.
  • Hunting Horn. Great deal of damage output to monsters, with a supporting ability, where it can give certain buffs to your whole party.
  • Hammer. Modest damage, but with occasional massive critical strikes from the attack gauge.

These are all the particular uses which these weapons are best known for. Of course, depending on the monster, choose the appropriate weapon to the fight, as all the weapons have different statistics.

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