Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Unlock Deviant Monster Hunts



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So, you’ve completed the whole story and most of the side quests in Monster Hunter Stories 2, what’s there left to do? Well, if you’ve previously player Monster Hunter titles, you might have heard about deviants. What follows is a guide on how to unlock deviant monster hunts in Monster Hunter Stories 2- the newest installment to the franchise.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Unlock Deviant Monster Hunts

How To Unlock Deviant Monster Hunts – Monster Hunter Stories 2

For all those newbies out there, deviants are other versions of normal monsters, which have been subjected to extreme conditions. Because of that, they’ve adapted to the new environment in order to live on.

Therefore, they often times change their appearance, their fighting style, their adaptation in battle, and more. Basically, they’re sick versions of normal monsters, and that’s pretty much it.

But unlocking these deviant hunts isn’t as clear as some previous installments in the franchise.

To unlock deviant monster hunts in this game, players will need to complete the whole story of the game, and then make their way to Lulucion.

You can find an NPC in white and blue clothing there, and she will give you the quest ‘A Monster Among Flowers’. This quest is a prerequisite to the one which you can use to unlock deviant monster hunts.

So, after completion go back to the NPC, to get the next one. The next one you will need to take down a Pink Rathian, and the one after that, an Azure Rathalos.

After completing these three quests, the NPC will tip you off for a weird tracks she found, which seem like Hakolo tracks. This will be the first deviant quest in a whole series, so have fun.

Basically, the whole thing is that she will give you quest after quest for deviant monsters. Soon enough, you will go through every deviant monster in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

On top of going through every deviant monster, players will also unlock all their equipment. Other quests will be unlocked as well, with which you can retake the same deviant hunts.

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