Monster Sanctuary: How to Get Champion Monsters



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Monster Sanctuary is purely focused on combat and progression. To progress you will need to compile good teams, and have powerful monsters so that you can prevail in this harsh world!

Monster Sanctuary: How to Get Champion Monsters

You can get monsters by defeating bosses throughout the world. There is a small chance that they will drop an egg, which when hatched, you will obtain the corresponding monster. On top of that, there are what are called Champion Monsters.

These are far more powerful creatures, and they’re unique in a couple of ways. But how can you potentially get them for your squad?

How to Get Champion Monsters – Monster Sanctuary

Champion Monsters will have an additional icon above their health bar, prompting you that they’re not your regular breed of monsters. On average, they have more health, and can have one more move per turn in combat.

On top of being better with stats, they’re also more esthetically pleasing and special. So, it is absolutely crucial that you get some Champion Monsters in your squad. But how do you do so?

Well, to get an egg from the Champion Monsters you will have to defeat them with a five-star rating.

This is relatively a difficult task, as they can be very powerful. However, one silver lining is that you don’t need to take them down the first time with five-star rating.

On the contrary, if you have battled these Champion Monsters once, you can try again in the Keepers Towers. There are some strategies on how to get a 5-star rating in fights, but the general rule is to build a shielder/healer/support team.

You can also check out our website for more information on the issue. Nonetheless, it is important to note that some Champion Monsters, aren’t that better than the regular monsters.

In some cases, some Champion Monsters have stats similar to the regular monsters, but in any case, it is always worth to go for these ones if you have the chance.

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