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Mortal Shell is a maze of opportunities, enemies and some dark secrets. In every corner there is danger and navigating successfully through it is a real challenge. To make it out alive, you’re going to need more than just your Shell.

Mortal Shell Quenching Acid Locations

Quenching Acid is one of the key items for your success. Locating is very important part of the game play, simply because your weapon plays a large role in your survival and upgrading to an even deadlier version can help you a lot! But, where do you find Quenching Acid in Mortal Shell? What are its locations? Let’s start!

All Quenching Acid Locations In Mortal Shell

1. Fallgrim – 1 

At the top of Fallgrim Tower you’ll find the merchant Vlas. He can sell you 2 Quenching Acids for 2,500 Tar.

Fallgrim 1

2. Fallgrim – 2

On the path to Shrine of Ash you’ll find a camp on the left. Enter the camp and find the chest which contains Quenching Acid.

Fallgrim 2

3. Fallgrim – 3

There is a locked chest on the road to Fillgrim Tower as well. Just beware that this chest can only be opened when the fog event is up.

fallgrim 3

4. Shrine Of Ash – 1

Inside the Iron Maiden chamber in Shrine of Ash, check the second Iron Maiden from the right to find the Quenching Acid.

shrine of Ash 1

5. Shrine Of Ash – 2

Before the last room you’ll find another set of Iron Maidens. The one further to the end and on the left holds the Quenching Acid.

shrine of Ash 2

6. Crypt Of Martyrs – 1

You need to find the Abandoned Chamber. To do this, follow the path left from the first room. The chest that contains the Quenching Acid is behind a beast which you need to slay in order to get it.

Crypt Of Martyrs

7. Crypt Of Martyrs – 2

Follow the ice path down until you find the crack in the wall. Crawl through and you’ll spot a chest at the end of the room.

Crypt Of Martyrs 2

8. Seat Of Infinity – 1 

In one of the rock clusters in Eternal Narthex, behind the crossbow enemies there is a chest that you’ll need to open for the Quenching Acid.

Seat Of Infinity 1

9. Seat Of Infinity – 2

For this you’ll need to do some traversing. First take the elevator at the top of the tower and then jump down the large floating platforms to take the next one. When you emerge the second time you’ll spot the Quenching Acid right in front of you.

Seat Of Infinity 2

Go get them all and get stronger!

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