MotoGP 21: How to Wheelie


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The newest installment of the MotoGP series of video games was just released, and it has a whole rework done to it, compared to the predecessor. Riding doesn’t feel as stiff anymore, and there were so many mechanical improvements done to it, such as that. The rosters are all updated, with new riders and teams entering the game. But when playing it, one question is on everybody’s minds: can you wheelie?

MotoGP 21: How to Wheelie

Even in the last game people tried to wheelie, as it is an instinct to have a bit of fun. Thankfully, you can wheelie in MotoGP 21, although, it is pretty difficult to do so.

Popping a Wheelie – MotoGP 21

The reason why it is so difficult is because you must find the right balance between throttle, and lifting the front end. Plus, some changes to the driver aids have to be done.

Most of the classes in the game can wheelie, but there might be some tinkering with the settings. In any case, let’s start off by setting up the driver aids:

  • Physics Simulation Level – Pro
  • Automatic Brakes – Off
  • Joint Brakes – Off
  • Off-Track Help – On
  • Trajectory Aids – Off
  • Transmission – Semi-Automatic
  • Rewind – On
  • Electronics – Assisted

Now, all you need to do is choose a circuit with a long straight. There are many out there, but the Chang International Circuit has one of the longest straight on which you have enough space to wheelie.

Simply choose a time trial and then start the race. Go to the straight section, and setup your bike settings to the following:

  • TCS – 4
  • AW – 3
  • EBS – 4
  • PWR – 2

Change your power and anti-wheelie settings to these, but if you’re still having trouble, tinker with them to get less anti-wheelie or more power.

Start riding on the straight section of the circuit, and then, when you reach a speed of 50 to 70 KM/h, start lifting the front of the motorcycle. Now, finding the right balance will take a while, so keep trying until you get the hang of it.

You might have a few crashes and falls, but simply rewind, and try again.

Lift off the gas if the front-end gets too high, or when the back is close to touching the ground. Also, stop lifting the front if that happens, and then add gas and lift to the extent you feel that is necessary.

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