MotoGP 21: Tips on Breaking & Accelerating Out of Corners


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If you haven’t had previous experience with the predecessors to MotoGP 21, then you might have some trouble getting your playstyle and the mechanics on point. MotoGP 21 is one of the most unforgiving title in the series, especially when it comes down to breaking and accelerating out of corners. We all know the feeling of going on to the gravel because of poor breaking, or possibly crashing.

MotoGP 21: Tips on Breaking & Accelerating Out of Corners

It is a tricky thing to learn, and same as F1, MotoGP isn’t too happy if you make a mistake, one mistake and you might be out. We hope that these pointers will help you get the title “world champion”!

Breaking & Acceleration Tips – MotoGP 21

A lot of what will be said today might vary for some, since many have set up their driving aids differently. Still, some pointers here might help you decrease your driving aids a bit.

If you follow trajectory lines, even better, since they can help you find the right breaking zones, and the right angle you need to enter a corner, plus, when you should accelerate. So, we highly recommend them.

As for some actual breaking and acceleration tips to follow, consider the following:

  • First off, make sure that you’re using both the front and rear brake before entering the corner. Don’t use the front brake fully, but use the rear one pressed hard.
  • A few light taps on the front brake might help you, but make sure you’re not going hard on it. So, when entering the corner, use both the front and rear brake.
  • I recommend cutting down on the engine breaking, as it will be much more forgiving when you downshift in the corners, as the wheels might lock up.
  • After you feel like you have decent turning and control of your bike, and you’re slowed down quite a bit, immediately go full-blast on the throttle. Minimizing the time from when you have control to when you accelerate fully is your main priority, as that is the most important thing to do.
  • When you’re turning and leaning during a corner, don’t go full blast on the throttle. Let your bike sit up, and then fully accelerate. Also, to minimize falling off, because you do need a little bit of gas during cornering, simply give a bit of gas, stop, then again and again. Simply tap the gas.

It is all about minimizing the time between breaking and then accelerating again. That is the main goal you should be working towards, and the one which will reward you with the most time.

Learn the breaking zones, and test out different settings, as well as different methods of breaking. Light taps either to the breaks or the throttle will tell you a lot about control of the bike.

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