How To Get Kakera in Mudae


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Learn how to get Kakera in Mudae!

How To Get Kakera in Mudae

Discord has thousands of bots that can do anything from rankings to playing music. One of the most popular bots, however, is Mudae. Mudae allows Discord users to “marry” their favorite “waifus” and “husbandos” as well as enhance them.

Mudae: How to Get Kakera?

Kakera is the main currency that Mudae users will earn through playing the game. It appears as colored crystals; each color usually has a different value.

Users can earn Kakera and spend it on Kakera Badges, which makes expanding your harem easier. You can also spend Kakera on the Kakera Tower, which helps you earn more Kakera.

Finally, users who spend on Kakera Lootboxes can receive some of these rewards:

  • Additional rolls (guaranteed with each loot box)
  • More Kakera
  • Lower $rt cooldown times
  • Better disablelist capacity
  • More (permanent) rolls
  • Wishprotect levels
  • Mudapins

Now that you know what Kakera is for, here are some ways to earn it.

Using the $dailykakera Command

When you type the “$dailykakera” command in a server where Mudae is invited, you can get a random amount of Kakera. This command has a cooldown of 20 hours and gives you one of four tiers of Kakera rewards.

  • Tier One gives out 150-270 Kakera and has an 80.7% chance of appearing
  • Tier Two gives out 300-419 Kakera and has a 15.5% chance of appearing
  • Tier Three gives out 700-820 Kakera and has a 3% chance of appearing
  • Tier Four gives out 1,000-1,299 Kakera and has a 0.7% chance of appearing

These chances are approximations and have a 0.2% margin of error.

When you get a Kakera reward, there will also be a tier-exclusive message. For Tier Four, an example is “That’s… an incredibly rare discovery…… +number added to your Kakera collection! (number total)” for Tier Four.

If you’re unsure of the tier from the command, checking the message is a surefire way to find out.

For every unique Mudapin you have, each one will add one Kakera to the reward the command gives you. What’s more, the Easter egg commands “$donkeykong” and “$diddykong” will also give you some Kakera with the same drop chances.

Using “$dailykakera” will reset your Kakera React Power upon getting the Gold IV Kakera Badge.

Reacting to Kakera Under Claimed Rolls

If you claim rolls or someone else in the server has been rolling, you’ll find Kakera underneath the messages. These are the Kakera with varying colors. Here’s a list of what they look like and their values.

  • Purple Kakera is worth 100 Kakera
  • Blue Kakera is worth 101-150 Kakera
  • Teal Kakera is worth 171-220 Kakera
  • Green Kakera is worth 251-300 Kakera
  • Yellow Kakera is worth 401-500 Kakera
  • Orange Kakera is worth 701-800 Kakera
  • Red Kakera is worth 1401-1,500 Kakera
  • Rainbow Kakera is worth 3,001-3,100 Kakera
  • Light Kakera Breaks into multiple kakeras (3 or 4 without upgrades) and gives the sum of their values.

There’s also Light Kakera, commonly referred to as White Kakera. It will break into several different Kakera crystals and give the sum of their values, all randomized. Without upgrades, you get three to four crystals.

However, with the 10th perk of the Kakera Tower, you can increase the number of crystals dropped from Light Kakera from a maximum of four to four or five, depending on your luck.

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The person who rolls will also influence the Kakera crystals’ colors. All Blue Kakera will transform into Yellow Kakera if they have the Sapphire IV badge. Players with Silver Keys or higher on the rolled character will transform all Teal and Green Kakera into Orange Kakera.

All Kakera crystals will consume React Power except for Purple Kakera. You can check how much you need to get the Kakera using the “$ku” command. React Power will regenerate over time at 1% per three minutes.

Divorcing Your Harem Members

If you have some waifus or husbandos that you don’t want, you can use the “$divorce” command to kick them out. Doing so will give you some Kakera value. Different characters will reward you with varying values of Kakera, too.

Some other commands that have the divorce effect are:

  • $divorceseries
  • $divorcepage
  • $divorceall

Also, there are two mod commands, “$bitesthedust requiem” and “$thanosall requiem”, that only mods can use. All five commands mentioned above will give the owner the total Kakera value of all divorced characters.

Earning Kakera as Badge Rewards

Three badges reward you with Kakera once you get them to Level Four. They are:

  • Bronze IV
  • Silver IV
  • Emerald IV

The Bronze IV badge lets you get 500 Kakera when you roll and claim a character on your wishlist. You’ll make more Kakera as passive income if you have an extensive wishlist.

If you have the Silver IV badge, you can get 200 Kakera when someone else claims a character that you have on your wishlist. This situation can happen when you’re out of claim chances.

When you get to Emerald IV, you receive much more Kakera. This badge gives you any character’s innate Kakera value upon claiming them. You’ll find your Kakera coffers heavier, and many Mudae veterans recommend getting all your badges to Level Four anyway.

Getting Gold Keys on Certain Characters

If you own a character with a Gold Key, you’re in for a hefty Kakera bonus. Rolling for them again will give you its current Kakera value. The caveat is that there’s a 4,500 Kakera limit every three hours you roll.

On the bright side, upgrading the Kakera Tower can increase the limit, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.

Gifting and Trading With Mudae

For Mudae servers with “$togglekakeratrade” enabled, you can trade with other players there. The “$givek” command will work on trading characters with Kakera this way.

Using Slash Commands and Getting Mudae Premium

Servers with slash commands enabled will give you a small Kakera bonus when executing said commands. In addition, Mudae Premium users get a 5% Kakera bonus for all reactions, divorces, and more.

Premium also reduces the “$dailykakera” cooldown to 10 hours and gives you an additional “$mk” use per hour.

The Kakera Tower

The Kakera Tower has 12 main floors, but you can go past that number and build unlimited floors if you can afford it. Subsequent floors can offer the same bonuses, albeit at lower values and effects.

Here are some of the perks that you should aim for:

  • Perk 7 for extra Kakera Power
  • Perk 8 for reduced React Power costs
  • Perk 9 for more Kakera from characters with Gold or Chaos Keys when rolled again
  • Perk 10 for more Kakera crystals from Light Kakera breaking down

Each floor you build will make the next one significantly more expensive, turning the Kakera Tower into another long-term investment. If you’re newer to the game, you should focus on making more money before worrying about the Tower.

Who Will Join Me Next?

Mudae’s economy depends heavily on Kakera, as players can’t do much without it. Even though you earn some money daily, it’s still not enough without boosts and bonuses. Thus, it would be best to try getting these perks sooner.

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