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Naruto [No. 1 Maverick] Review - Ultimate Ninja Blazing

[easytable]Pros, Cons

Strong low cost single target special attack, Stats are mediocre without limit break

Strong attack boost for field and buddy skill, Hard to upgrade his ability

One of the limit-breakable characters up to level 150, Doesn’t deal status effects or any self enhancing boost[/easytable]



Uzumaki Naruto “No 1 Maverick” is one of the main characters in both the anime and game. He doesn’t disappoint! He is a strong well rounded character. He has mid range, which is good enough for support combo attacks.

As a heart character, he has 50% bonus damage against skill characters. He can be used easily as a buddy if you want his bonus attack boost as a partner.

His ninjutsu is a strong single target attack with a 3.2x multiplier. It is very good for a single target special which only costs 4 chakra when he is 6★. That makes him a great candidate for the Phantom Castle, since everyone only starts with 1/2 chakra bar.

As he advances to 6★, he learns his secret jutsu, which costs 8 chakra to use. A strong single target attack with a 6.7x multiplier.

I think of him as an all rounder that is good at everything. Upon limit break at level 150, he has 2086 hp and 1675 attack.

The only few downsides I can think of him is that he has no AoE attacks and doesn’t apply status effects to enemies.

Verdict: Definitely a great addition for all your missions and also the Phantom Castle.


Max RarityAttributeRange
LevelLv 1Lv 70Lv 100Lv 150 (Limit Break) 
HP61312261237 2087
ATK52410471050 1675
Luck10N/AN/A N/A


Shadow Clone Jutsu – 3.2x ATK in Heart damage to an enemy in range.

Chakra Cost 54

Secret Ninjutsu (Only Available to 6★)

Naruto 2K Uzumaki Barrage – 6.7x ATK in Heart damage to an enemy in range.

Chakra Cost 8


Field skills provide bonuses when you are near the range of the character in combat. Buddy skill is applied when he/she is paired with the main attacker.

RarityField Skill
5★Boosts ATK by 75 – 150.
6★Boosts ATK by 80 – 160.
RarityBuddy Skill
5★Boosts ATK by 95.
6★Boosts ATK by 115.


1.Combination Attack BoostBoost attack during combinations.
2.Health Recovers w/Map MovementHealth restores when moving on the map.
3.Clone JutsuHas a chance to dodge an attack.
4.Critical Rate BoostBoosts critical rate.
5.Combination Attack BoostBoost attack during combinations.

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