Naruto Series: Kakashi Love Interest


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What do you think of the Copy Ninja? A genius? A master of a thousand jutsus? Well, all these are true about Kakashi Hatake. Yet, we will add another one. Kakashi is very mysterious, and one area where this is applicable is his love life.

Naruto Series: Kakashi Love Interest

There is a mystery surrounding Kakashi’s love interest. Well, it is not surprising. The Copy Ninja is well-known for his secretive life. Here, we will delve into Kakashi love interest. This will be in three categories according to what we gleaned from the entire series and novels. From here, you should be able to confirm whether what you know about the copy ninja is true.

First Kakashi Love Interest – Naruto

This is the most popular Kakashi love interest in the entire Naruto series. This is slightly popular than the third one, which we won’t talk about yet.

Hanare is a ninja that Kakashi met while small. She was from the Land of Keys. At that time, Hanare was lost, and while being lost, she met a young Kakashi. Kakashi took her home and gave her tips to always stay on course. Hanare remembers this, which was later visible when Kakashi read her mind while accidentally kissing her.

However, the real question is whether Kakashi’s love interest in Hanare is real? Well, looking at the facts in the series, there are a lot of negatives.

naruto kakashi love interest
  • Hanare only appeared in an episode in the whole series, and it is a filler episode. Talk about being Kakashi’s love interest.
  • She was also a spy, and from Kakashi disciplined character, you will agree that this is a no no.
  • Many fans try to link their kiss is something. However, we know that is not possible. This is because the kiss was accidental. And it was through it that Kakashi ascertained Hanare’s identity.

In conclusion, it is better to remove the thought that Hanare is Kakashi’s love interest.

Second Kakashi Love Interest

The hidden love of Kakashi was hidden in the Kakashi Hiden. Here his love interest is Kahyo, an ice style user. What is spectacular about this Kakashi love interest is that it is not one-sided like Hanare’s. Kakashi loved her. It was visible in everything he does. However, many factors point to the fact that it couldn’t happen.

One is that the Kakashi Hiden had no direct relation, not the Naruto series. The other is the disciplined nature of Kakashi. He is too much in love with principles that when he knew that Kahyo is not who she claimed to be, it was simply not possible. Also, Kakashi was in the late fifty in the Hiden, and from Boruto, it is clear that he and Gai have no relationship.

Is the love interest real? Well, yes, it was more real than Hanare’s own. However, the above factors render it impossible.

Third Kakashi Love Interest

This is the second most popular love interest of Kakashi, and it is no other person than Rin. Many fans always think of Rin as Kakashi’s love interest. It was visible throughout the series that there could have been something. However, was there something? Well, yes, but it was one-sided.

third kakashi love interest

Rin was the one in love with Kakashi. Kakashi, on the other hand, thought of her as Obito’s girl. Therefore, it is wrong to consider her as Kakashi’s. This became clear towards the ending when Obito and Rin went into the netherworld hand in hand. Guess it is possible to start a relationship in the afterlife.

Who then is Kakashi’s love interest? Well, on careful consideration and a lighter mood, we can say his mask. The Copy ninja loves his mask too much.

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