Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Clarifies Comment about His Next Game ‘Structured More Like a TV Show’


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Neil Druckmann is a rock star game director having worked on titles like The Last of Us and Uncharted. He’s recently turned some heads with a comment on The New Yorker about making his next game ‘like a TV show’, and before fans start flaming some more online, Druckmann has posted clarifying his comments.

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann Clarifies Comment about His Next Game ‘Structured More Like a TV Show’

Here’s Druckmann’s post:

We don’t know exactly how the writing process is done for Druckmann’s games, but he is considered to be the main writer of The Last of Us games. With him working on the HBO series with Craig Mazin, maybe Druckmann found a new kind of input by working with a writers’ room, and now he’s deciding to do the next game like that.

Naughty Dog’s next game hasn’t been officially announced, but I can easily imagine multiple writers for an open-world game with several story arcs. A rumor is currently going around that ND’s next game is actually The Last of Us Part III, but since that isn’t officially announced yet, my guess is just as good as everyone else’s.

I’m just hoping that Druckmann manages to stick the landing with The Last of Us Part III. Though there was a lot of vitriol for Part II, I think it was a fantastic elevation of the story from Part I. I’m just hoping that pressure from fans doesn’t mess with what would ultimately be best for the story.

Catch The Last of Us when it premieres on HBO Max on Jan. 16, 2023. The Last of Us games are now playable for PlayStation 4|5.

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