New Trailer Highlights Bonus Content for the Capcom Fighting Collection



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Capcom may be gearing up for the release of Street Fighter 6, but this June will also see them celebrate 35 years of fighting games with the Capcom Fighting Collection. The compilation includes over ten classic Capcom titles, and we have a new preview highlighting the bonus features of the collection.

New Trailer Highlights Bonus Content for the Capcom Fighting Collection

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When it comes to bonus features, this collection will include over 500 pieces of artwork and 400 background music tracks. Pre-ordering now will also get you 18 more special music tracks from featured artists as some additional artwork. You can also adjust EX settings and save in the middle of the game.

Besides Street Fighter II, the collection includes the chibi-fied version of the characters with Puzzle Fighter and Gem Fighter. Fans can get their hands on more obscure titles like Red Earth and Cyberbots and the gothic-inspired Darkstalker series.

While characters like Morrigan  Aensland and Felicia have made the jump to more popular titles like Marvel vs. Capcom, this collection gives fans a chance to check out their origins. Speaking of MvC, when do you think Capcom is ready to provide us with that Marvel/Capcom compilation? Do you think Disney has something to do with it?

Capcom Fighting Collection should keep fans’ interest until we get a release date for Street Fighter 6. CFC will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 on June 24, 2022, but you can now get it on pre-order.

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