New World: Where To Find Petalcap


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There are so many resources and items in New World, that is hard to keep track of where you can find most things. What’s even more surprising is the fact that the game is still in beta, and yet there is so much content to go through. One item which most players struggle with finding is the Petalcap. Its primary use is for a quest objective in the game, so we’ll tell you exactly where to find it.

New World: Where To Find Petalcap

Where To Find Petalcap – New World

The item in question needs to be found in order to complete the Weakness of Ego quest. For the quest, players will need to complete other objectives as well like: acquiring water, rivercress stem, and crafting a corruption tincture.

The other objectives are relatively easy though, and the only thing which is quite challenging in the quest is finding Petalcaps.

Petalcaps can be obtained from a tree called the Fronded Petalcap. It can be found all over the map, and it usually goes unnoticed when players walk next to it. This is due to its size, which is a bit small.

The best places to find the Petalcaps is north of First Light close to the Windsward border. At the moment, it seems like it is the most abundant place for this item.

Other than for the objective in the quest, the Petalcap doesn’t have much of a use. That’s the main reason why it is so hard to find, as no one is looking for it. The spawns for these trees do appear to be random, so we can’t really pinpoint exact locations.

Although, if you go to the region we mentioned above, there is a good chance that you might get at least three Petalcaps easily.

The Petalcap tree is a weird spiral tree, that has a light green color. This might sound uninformative, but you will know it when you see it.

Spawn rates and overall abundant locations for this tree might change in the future, as New World gets regular updates frequently, and no wonder, it is still in beta.

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