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Warhammer will probably be one of the most overpowered weapons in New World. As time passes on though, things change, but we still wanted to create a compelling build around the weapon itself- the Warhammer. We’ll go through attributes, ability builds, armor recommendations, and other weapons which might be a great pair with the Warhammer. Read on to find out more!

New World: Warhammer Weapon Build Guide

Warhammer Weapon Build Guide – New World

This weapon will be a great weapon, considering the whole package you’re getting with the crowd crusher abilities and the ultimate ability, the aftershock.

Of course, this is a PvP build rather than a PvE one, but if you’re like me, there’s a chance you prefer some player-v-player action. In any case, let’s go over what you need to do to compile this Warhammer build in New World:

  • Abilities. The first ability you should take is Shockwave which is a very overpowered stun. Take the both passives after that. Then, take the following abilities with passives: Clearout with all passive abilities, Path of Destiny with only the first passive, take first two passive abilities from the Juggernaut skill tree, then the others are personal preference, however, here’s what we think is best:
  • Armor. Get medium armor, as you will get a 10% damage increase and CC duration increase. This is by far the best armor choice for the Warhammer.
  • Attributes. For the attributes it is best to focus on Strength and Constitution. The best ratio is 300-Constitution/200-Strength. With Constitution on so many points, you will get a whopping 20% increase in duration of stun, slow, and root spells. A little bit much wouldn’t you say?
  • Weapons. There are some honorable weapon mentions which might be a great pair with the Warhammer. Here are the best weapons: Ice Gauntlet, Great Axe, and the Musket.

Now, this build might be a little bit hard for newer players as the Warhammer is a sufficiently difficult weapon to use, however, the learning curve isn’t that big.

The whole point of the build is maximum stun and CC, while also maintaining high outputs of damage. Quite an overpowered build!

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