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Summoners War General Leveling Guide

Welcome to the Summoners War leveling guide for beginners! I will be sharing with you a step by step guide to leveling all the way to 40. Here are some things we will be going over as well:

  • What Monsters to Prioritize Leveling
  • Best Places to Level Your Monsters + Farming Spots

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General Leveling

There are 2 types of levels. One is your summoner level while the other are your monster levels. We are talking about summoner levels here.

Now when you are just starting out in the game, you are given:

  • Water Fairy – Elucia
  • Wind Vagabond – Roid
  • Fire Hellhound – Sieq

They are great starter monsters you will be using until you get the staple monsters. Just use these 3 and any new monsters you get to level.

1-20 Leveling

Lapis Water

Now this part is all about trying to get one of your monsters to 5 stars and raising your summoner level. With the new update, you will get the water Magic Knight Lapis once you complete Mt. Siz normal. She is a natural 4 star monster that will be your farming monster from now on. She WILL BE your first 5 star candidate The old players didn’t have the luxury of having her when they are newbies. So new players should consider themselves lucky.

You also want to complete the scenario map for normals. You should be able to do that right around level 20 or so. Your top priority is to get Lapis to 5 stars. From my experiment, Lapis should be able to do Faimon normal at 4 stars with decent 3-4 star runes. She can also do Faimon hard with good runes at 5 stars.

Here are the rune sets I recommend for newbies to rune Lapis:

  • Fatal/Blade(Spd/Crit R%/Atk%)
  • Despair/Blade(Spd/Crit R%/Atk%)

Now the speed requirement to move first on the last stage in Faimon are as follows:

  • Normal – 111
  • Hard – 130
  • Hell – 139

You can easily get 4 star runes doing Giants B4-B6.

Leveling from 21-40

Now once you have Lapis at 5 stars and with decent 4 star runes on slots 2/4/6, you are ready to level your way to 40 by doing Faimon. You should also start collecting monsters and building your Giants B10 team.

Your goal to 40 should look something like this:

  • Monster fodder farming using Lapis – CHECK
  • Farming the highest Giants level you can while leveling – CHECK
  • Farming for the monsters for your Giants B10 – CHECK

What Monsters to Prioritize Leveling


With Lapis being a god send to new players, your first priority will be to get her to 5 star and also awaken her in the process. You will have to do the Hall of Water on Tuesdays and get 10 High Water Essences, 15 Water Mid Essences, 5 High Essences and 15 Mid Essences. Do the highest Hall of Guardian level you can. The hard part is gathering the High Essences, especially the water ones.

With her at 5 stars, you can start collecting monsters that will help you clear Giants B10. Here are the farmable monsters that will help you progress in the game that you should level:

  • Konamiya(Water Garuda) – Provides cleanse and heal + extra turn with attack buff makes him very useful. He is a viable from early game to late game until you pull immunity monsters. Rune build is Violent or Swift/Energy(Spd/Hp%/Hp%). Also a viable Dragons B10 team member.
  • Ramagos(Wind Warbear) – Your tanky wind warbear that can deal damage. Cleanshot your way to victory. He is your starter arena member and also a viable farmer in Hydeni Ruins hell mode. Recommended build is Energy x3(Hp%/Hp%/Hp%).
  • Shannon(Wind Pixie) – Provides Atk/Def buff to the entire team for 3 turns and also gives glancing hits and slows. The staple buffer for Giants B10. Recommended rune build is Despair or Swift/Focus(Hp%/Hp%/Acc%). She is a little squishy, so 6 starring her is recommended.
  • Bernard(Wind Griffon) – He can farmed in Tamor Desert. He increases the team’s attack bar by 30% with speed boost and also attack + defense debuff. They call Shannon and Bernard the Shannard combo. A vital Giants B10 member alongside Shannon and the following member Belladeon. Recommended set is Swift/Focus(Spd/Hp%/Acc%)
  • Belladeon(Light Inugami) – The most useful light monster in the game. He can be farmed in the secret dungeon during Hall of Light days. He provides single target defense debuff and beneficial removal. His last skill provides 36% heal max skilled. For end game content his heal is excellent. Recommended set for beginners is Swift/Energy(Spd/Hp%/Hp%)
  • Darion(Light Vagabond) – This guy can be farmed from secret dungeons during Hall of Light days. He provides ally damage reduction by 15% and also defense + attack debuff.  The recommended set for beginners is Energy x2/Focus(Spd/Hp%/Hp%).
  • Veromos(Dark Ifrit) – This dude cleanses all types of debuffs ever turn. Freeze, sleep and stuns won’t be cleansed. The fact that he can apply continuous damage and stun means he is the perfect guy for both Giants B10 and Dragons B10. The downside is you have to fuse him. You need Dark Yeti, Water Undine, Wind Vampire and Fire Succubus. Make sure to keep the fusion materials. I suggest fusing him after 35+ as it is a very time consuming process. I personally use Swift/Blade(Spd/Hp%/Hp%) on him. The ideal set would be Violent/Energy.

I didn’t include Ahman(Light Bearman) because his rune requirements are higher and you need 100% critical rate AND Hp for him to be an effective healer. Not every newbie has access to good runes initially.

These are the core monsters that will carry you all the way to late game. Make it a priority to get them after getting Lapis to 6 star and she is able to farm at least Faimon hard for you.

Your Giants B10 starter team should be -> Veromos(L), Darion, Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard. You can always tweak it once you pull better monsters. You need 18k+ hp on all monsters before the 33% Hp boost from Veromos leader skill.

As for Dragons B10, you will need a reviver. In this case you will need either Michelle or Mikene. Your starter team should look something like -> Veromos(L), Baretta, Belladeon, Mikene, Konamiya. You need all of them 6 stars to stand a good chance to get close to 100% auto. Dragons B10 is very hard.

Best Places to Level Your Monsters + Farming Spots


So you have already hear me mention Faimon 1000 times already. It is by far the fastest and best farming spot. The reason is because:

  • Faimon 1 monsters have low hp = faster clear times
  • Com2us already gave you a Faimon farmer in Lapis
  • Lapis’s runes doesn’t need to be top notch to farm normal or hard

Requirements for Faimon Hell using Lapis is: Vampire/Revenge(Atk%/Atk%/Atk%)

I have embedded a video for you here.

Other possible places for you to farm are:

Hydeni 5 Hell – A great alternative place to farm if you have good wind monsters. Max skilled Ramagos can farm here easily at 5 stars if you max out his runes with 20k+ hp.

Tamor Desert 1-3 Hell – Any decent fire monster can farm here.

Aiden Forest 1 Hell – Lushen and Copper can do it easily with good 6 star runes. Check out this Copper Run.

Chiruka Remains 1 Hell – The hardest map to farm but it is doable. A surprise farmer in Groggo. Check it out here.

There you have it folks! Hopefully this will help you out as a newbie. ūüôā

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