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NieR Replicant has always been a franchise with multiple protagonists, and the newest reincarnation to the game is no different. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you might have heard about the all-new Ver.1.22474487139, which apparently, is a simple way to distinguish that this version is the game’s rework. Part of the changes that were made, was also being able to play as the father figure in the game- Papa Nier.

NieR Replicant: How to Play as Father | Papa Nier

How To Play as the Father / Papa Nier – NieR Replicant

Like it is stated above, Papa Nier is one of the many main characters in the game, and what is interesting in NieR Replicant is, the fact that you can play as multiple characters from the game’s story.

Papa Nier is the widowed father, that has one mission; Find a cure for his daughter. Even though we all know that he is a middle-aged man, his determination makes him incredibly powerful. It is no surprise that many are eager to try Papa Nier out. But how do you do so?

Well, to play as the father or Papa Nier, one must play the 15 Nightmares DLC to get a chance of playing the father. Back in the day, you could also play as Papa Nier, but the DLC wasn’t available to anyone, nor was it free, like it is now.

A lot of hype has been generated with the recent stream that Squere Enix had, about the NieR Replicant rework. Most of it was because the DLC were getting unlocked, and you could play as multiple characters, one of which is Papa Nier.

If you haven’t heard of the 15 Nightmares DLC, it is basically a dungeon. However, it is no ordinary dungeon, as the enemies there are quite powerful.

In the dungeon, a lot of loot can be acquired, more specifically, strong weapons, and some Samurai and Kabuki costumes.

In 15 Nightmares, the plot unfolds earlier in Papa Nier’s life, which means that you might learn a few things about the father’s earlier life. More specifically, Papa Nier is twenty-one in 15 Nightmares.

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