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Kaine has become an LGBT icon in the NieR world, and even gaming in general. Kaine is witty, and not afraid to speak her mind. But she has a lot of power to back up everything she says. Maybe that is why so many NieR Replicant players want to play as Kaine. Can you do so though? Interestingly, yes. A player can play as Kaine for a short while.

NieR Replicant: How to Play as Kaine

SPOILER ALERT: Some story plots will be mentioned in this article.

How To Play as Kaine – NieR Replicant

Unfortunately, you can’t play as Kaine for the whole game. Instead, a player can play as Kaine only for a short period of time, in a certain stage of the game, which is two hours long on average. But still, it is fun to have all that power.

What you need to do to play this character is see all of the first 4 endings of the game. That also includes the D-ending, which includes deleting yourself from existence, to save this character, i.e. Kaine.

When you have done so, you will need to start the game from scratch. So, kindly make a new game, and then go through the game until you reach the second boss of NieR Replicant, Aerie.

You will be battling this boss along side Kaine, and after the boss fight, you will gain control of Kaine. The next stage of the game isn’t that long, and you will only get to play this character for this particular stage of the story.

Keep in mind that Kaine doesn’t rely on magical abilities, but instead, she is immensely powerful with physical abilities. It is quite refreshing to experience such power, and destroying your enemies effortlessly.

On top of being so strong physically, she’s also lighting fast. In the end, these two factors make up for any lack of magical abilities that Kaine has.

It is unfortunate that you can’t play as Kaine for more than two hours, but it is still better than nothing.

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