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In this blog post, you will find a thorough review of the NKD Champion Inflatable SUP 10´6.

NKD Champion Inflatable SUP 10'6 (Paddle Board)

If you are wondering whether or not to make a purchase on this board, or you’re simply just looking for a new board, then you have come to the right place!

I will go over all the specifications along with all the important information you should know regarding this board.

So, What do you get When Purchasing the NKD Champion Inflatable SUP 10´6?

This NKD Champion SUP board is an all-around great board that can also be used for windsurfing.

The SUP is perfect for paddle surfing on calm waters as well as small wave paddle surfing. 

The board is also a nice one for beginners since it is very stable and has an extra-wide platform, giving the user more control and a better feeling of safety when using the board. 

The 6mm robust footpad makes sure that you have a great grip while the double-layer construction of the board increases the stiffness of the board which means that the board can perform at a higher level.

If you are an avid windsurfer, this board also works incredibly well for this purpose.

As a windsurfer, you most likely know the importance of having a board that can withstand the fast and rough waves you may encounter. 

This board secures a nice smoothness while surfing due to its double-layer construction which can withstand even the roughest conditions. 

Specifications of the NKD Champion Inflatable SUP 10´6

To give you an easy overview I’ve prepared 2 tables with relevant specifications on this specific SUP paddleboard.

First of let’s take a look at the overall functionality of the board:

Flat Water Capability Yes
Waves 0-50 cm Yes
Waves 50-200 cm Yes
Capacity Up to 2 People
Suited for Race Can be used, but not recommended
Stability Excellent
Maneuverability Excellent
Stiffness Excellent
CE-Marking Compliant (to EN 15649-1-2-7)

Next up lets take a look at the actual measurements and extra-equipment included when buying this board:

Length 320 cm
Width 84 cm
Thickness 15 cm
Volume 290 L
Weight 14 Kg
Construction Double-layered
Recommended Load 75-120 kg
Max Load 180 kg
Paddle Included
Pump Included
Leash Included
Reparation Kit Included
Bag Included

As you can see, overall this is a very versatile board that has excellent specifications in most areas.

Note: The equipment included in table 2 may vary depending on the seller, but most sellers do include all the equipment listed.

Is the NKD Champion Inflatable SUP 10´6 Worth Buying?

Whether or not this board is worth buying is of course entirely up to you, but looking at the specifications one must conclude that this port is a very versatile board that does well on the most relevant factors when it comes to paddle surfing.

The extra bonus of being compatible with windsurfing is also a big plus.

The board is suited for both beginners and professionals, meaning that you can easily buy this board in bulk if you, for example, teach people paddle surfing and want to use the same board as your students. 

The price is also very affordable, and as of writing this article, the board is down to approx 335 EUR. which is rather cheap for a board of this quality. 

If you ask me, this board is definitely worth buying, since it does so well on all the relevant areas, and due to its nature of being suited for both beginners and pros. 

Size Guide for SUP Paddle Boards

When you’re looking for a SUP Board it is very important that you pick a board that fits your weight. 

The volume of the board is what helps support your weight, so picking the right volume is crucial if you want to perform well when paddle surfing. 

If you’re using a board that has the wrong measurements and volume, you will find yourself in the water more than on the board.

To save you the trouble, I’ve made a simple table which showcases what board you should get depending on your weight. 

The length of the board is also very important, as it also contributes to the overall balance when using the board.

Here is a simple table showcasing what type of board you should go for depending on your weight:

Your Weight in Kg SUP Board Length Volume
<50 <9’0″ <100 L
50-75 9’0″-10’6″ 100-300 L
75-110 10’6″-11’6″ 300-400 L
110+ 11’6″+ 400+ L

What do You Wear when Paddleboarding?

When paddleboarding people tend to use varying gear which is up to personal preference.

As a beginner I would definitely recommend you acquire at least the following equipment:

  • A wetsuit
  • Rashguard
  • Booties or other watersport shoes

If you want to paddleboard during the winter you should also acquire:

  • A drysuit
  • Warm headgear
  • Boots suited for winter surfing

You can read a lot more on proper winterwear for paddleboarding in this blog post: “What do You Wear for Paddle Boarding in the Winter”

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